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2 January, 2012

Weddings are a time to remember, enjoy and celebrate the joining of two people. To make your wedding a hit, and give your guests something they can keep and use you may want to personalize Koozies as a give away. These little useful devices come in many colors and styles and you can put pretty much anything on them. Weddings are such pleasant occurrences; well, most of the time. Kozies can very well be the best compliments when you’re planning a different kind of party. For example, you can decorate your koozies with fungraphics that will match the theme of your event. One of the best things about koozies is you are working with a basically blank canvas. Meaning you can play around with different graphics even before having it screen printed.You can tailor the koozie to fit your event. It may be tasteful with a nice monogram or your coat of arms on it, or it may be funny with a clever saying such as “To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold” or “Made it to the church…. on Time!!!” or “Eat, Drink and be Married!” Drink Out Loud is the leader company in the koozie production business. Can Koozies are a bottle or can or water bottle holder most often created from many materials like Foam, Neoprene wet suit material ect.. in which a can or bottle can be placed and keeps the liquid in the can cold.

Adding to the fun about the designing process is that there are literally hundreds of pre-made graphics to pick from online.

May 31 2010

The greatest challenge with trying to purchase double glazing for your home in Dorset, or any other county for that matter, is not really being in control the purchasing process.

As a customer there is a great deal you can do to make sure you:

a Receive the greatest deal and
b Don’t get ripped off

Right away you need to do some groundwork. Try and picture your ideal new windows and how they will look and write this all down. You’ll then be able to get comparable quotes from several different double glazing companies.

The next thing is to get references. Any good quality company will be able to provide you with a list of happy customers to contact. Make sure you do contact them, though, and try to go an actually see the completed work.

The third thing is to ensure the firm you choose are certified. There are a few places they can be certified with, but the mostly widely recognised is FENSA.

Purchasing new windows doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. These are just some of the things you need to be aware of before you start the process.

Please visit us if you’d like to know more about Dorset Double Glazing

May 30 2010

Sail Caribbean is the leader in Caribbean teen sailing, scuba and community service programs. No earlier experience is required. Sail Caribbean Teen Adventure Camps are focused on experiential educating, leadership training and personal growth. Students from 6th grade to college age can decide on from eight program groups, each with a particular marine focus. Students learn sailing, racing and seamanship while dwelling coed aboard 50-foot yachts and cruising the waters of the British Virgin or Leeward Islands. Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and island exploration. Marine biology and community service are created into every program. Individuals earn from 5 to 30 service hours with projects including coaching local youth and environmental preservation. High school and college academic credit in Marine Biology and Outdoor Adventure Education is available.

Sailing & Seamanship The Thrill of Sailing – There is absolutely no such thing as a passenger on a Sail Caribbean boat. You are a sailor from the second you step through dock to yacht. You help to make it happen. Our expert team is right by your side as you man your situation, whether it’s catching lines or taking the wheel. The time you reach open water for the first time and really feel the Caribbean the wind embrace you, you’ll understand the staff’s commitment has already rubbed off on you.

Sailing Certifications On all of our voyages, Sail Caribbean’s curriculum offers four levels of advancement that challenge your sailing knowledge and mastery of practical onboard skills. Beginning with our Crew Certification, you will learn the basic skills and terminology needed to be an effective crew member onboard any boat. Many of our students choose to continue their development and earn the advanced Bosun Certification. For experienced sailors and our Sail Caribbean veterans, we offer the Mate and Skipper certifications, covering advanced topics, such as coastal navigation, sailing theory, engine mechanics, and you’ll also have the opportunity to share your expertise by teaching your own lessons to your crewmates. For those with prior sailing experience on our Bravo programs, you’ll also have the opportunity to challenge yourself on smaller keelboats and earn the US Sailing or American Sailing Association Basic Keelboat Certification.

May 25 2010

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May 23 2010

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