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11 November, 2011

In any catering establishment where food is both cooked and refrigerated, a blast chiller and freezer will do the job of making your food safe for storage.
It isn’t a good idea to store warm and chilled or frozen food together. Warm food would heat up the cold which could cause the growth of harmful bacteria.
Preventing this is easy with a blast chiller or freezer as they will chill or freeze the products ready for storage.
These shock chillers and freezers perform their function rapidly by using blasts of cold air.
There are chilling capacities between ten kilograms all the way up to 170kgs.
From units that hold large trolleys to gastronorm pans.
Choose the right unit to fit your needs. Weigh up the capacity you need with the amount each model will work with. You don’t want to buy an insufficient unit.

July 31 2011

Last week one of the pipes under my bathroom sink burst and my house started filling with water. Needless to say it was a bit of a setback, but what made it worse was the fact that I didn’t have a plumber that I could call. It took me until then to realize that I wasn’t in touch with any Calgary plumbing professionals, so I had to go with the first person I could find. The plumber who eventually made it to the house turned out to be an apprentice and wasn’t sure how to solve the problem. Needless to say I learned my lesson. If you’re a homeowner and you anticipate needing a Calgary plumbing SW professional in the near future, it’s usually a better idea to be proactive and find a plumber that you can hire before disaster strikes. I learned this the hard way, but you don’t have to. You can usually find a good plumber just by being diligent and doing your research. If you’re curious about hiring a top notch plumber, you can always get several free quotes and talk to a variety of plumbers before making any final decisions.

July 31 2011

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July 30 2011

Becoming your personal President comes with a lot of responsibility even if you do not want it. Probably the most disregarded individual in an entrepreneurship your self. You put business initial and your health 2nd. Believe me I understand as I stick to this mystique also.

We should force ourselves to get wellness insurance coverage to our personal self. Seems like a must have but most little business owners see wellness insurance coverage as a final priority acutely if they’re alone.

The good thing is that wellness insurance premiums is tax insurance deductible and you can declare an enormous percentage in the event you get it done right. Now, doesn’t that audio a lot better and incline you to get covered? Take a look at self employed health insurance deduction to discover more about income tax breaks for wellness insurance.

July 29 2011

Most of the citizens on the globe have seen hashish. If you just arrived from an other planet, then learn that it is a plant that is often inhaled in order to stimulate unequaled consequences. The results of the use often is the results of a lot of changing aspects like the following: the weight, the psychologic background, the sex, the person’s age along with others. Factors like: the breed, the quality, the strain of the plant, all these different factors do completely change the trip. These causes mixed up with each other tend to present different experiences which are often drawn like: funny, peaceful, eye opening. We have now presented you the positive spin off of weed smoking. All tough, there is some less pleasant effects too. They present themselves as: social discomfort, drowsiness, red eyes, lost of awareness, sore throat and much others. Time to time, the enjoyable effects are predominant over the bad one many other things makes the smoker experience an addiction to ganja. Even thought research show that there is no physical dependance, like in the use of: meth, cigarettes, cocaine, a powerful psychological addiction is still there and it may be hard to defeat.

Quit Pot

July 28 2011

I learned something helpful today regarding acid skin , and precisely how it’s important pertaining to my health. Evidently the low acidity of our skin keeps microbes from infecting us, stopping us from becoming sick or infections. Every person possesses acidic skin, but if we cleanse it too often, it might cause our skin to be dry and crack, rendering it very likely for us to become infected or sick.
Our acid skin will help promote our overall health by protecting against infections, therefore it is crucial to maintain its acidity by simply not washing too often. I’ve realized plenty of items that helped me do this too. I really hope this acid skin site will help many people who’re having skin problems too.

July 26 2011

A Gay Couples Retreat Is The Perfect Romantic Getaway
Although many Americans are very accepting of homosexual couples, there are still times when a gay couple will want to be with other people who share their way of life. The best way to do this is by going on a gay couples retreat, such as the retreat Spirit Journeys organizes. It takes place against the beautiful backdrop of Belize, where romance should just come naturally.
One of the most unique aspects of the retreat is the time spent in group discussions on the many issues that couples face. Topics include trust, acceptance and fears as well as the best ways for keeping the spark alive in a relationship. There will also be workshops dealing with ways to create a deeper mental, sexual and spiritual connection between partners.
Each day of the retreat includes free time for participants to enjoy the scenery of Belize without having to go to workshops. In addition, an entire day is set aside for a group outing into the beautiful rainforest. The itinerary for the day includes many exciting activities, with cave exploration and zip lining as the highlights.
The country of Belize is the setting for this retreat for many reasons, not the least of which is the breathtaking scenery. Visitors can take advantage of the many national parks and wildlife reserves, which can create truly unique memories. Most importantly, the citizens of Belize have a reputation for being very open to all people, regardless of how they are received in other parts of the world.
If a couple is in the market for the perfect getaway, they should definitely consider a gay couples retreat. They will leave Belize with many wonderful memories and an entirely new group of friends. This trip could truly change the course of a relationship and make it stronger than before.
Click here for more information on Gay Spiritual Retreats

July 24 2011

Anyone who’s ever looked into it knows that there are many different kinds of diet plan. We also ought to realize that not many of them will work for every single person. Every one of us is not the same.
The best known weight loss diets are:
Low Carb Diet
Mediterrean Program
Healthy Eating Programme
Vegetarian Technique
Atkins Diet
South Beach Technique
Detox Programme
Cabbage Soup Plan
Low Salt System
Dairy Free Program
Zone Program
GI Technique
Before you commit to any definite fat losing program, quiz yourself with 4 very important questions:
• Does this plan fit in with my life-style?
• Is this a natural weight reduction system or will it hurt my body?
• Will I be able to source all the essentials I need easily in nearby supermarkets and in cafes I’m going to be eating in?
• Is this a method that’s going to work for me in particular?
Weight loss programmes will only reap rewards if you can work with them easily. The main thing is avoid being talked into any weight loss routine that is not right for you. Diet Plans

July 23 2011

Back Up Internet
Many clients are trappedonly one or two internet provider options because of their location. This can prove to be dismaying for the consumers especially if the provider’s internet option cuts down often, it leaves the user with little second options. That was the case anyway until just recently where the advent of wireless broadband has taken hold.

4G technology is a game diversification for many of the big players jockeying for position to taut they have the largest, biggest, and badest network. It is hard to navigate through the white noise of what is viable for a particular use. The good news is that broadband technology providers can provide an different inexpensive back up solution. You just have to find the best solution.

Below are a couple of strategies of how wireless broadband internet technology can be used for back up solutions.

Clear offers a itty-bitty, fit in the palm of your hand black product that receives the broadband signal from the tower and runs like its own router creating wireless network that can support up to 5 units at one time.

Verizon offers a USB stick that fits into only one notebook at a time but also can provide a fairly low cost alternative backup if the first internet were to go down. There is also a device called a cradle point that can be used with the usb plug to create wifi so that multiple units can connect to the alternative internet at one time.

July 22 2011


Small amounts of stool that are not eliminated stay and hides in the tiny crevices of the colon. Overtime, those tiny fecal matter adds up in our colon.


If the fecal matter is stuck in the colon long enough, they become toxic and may passed on throughout the rest of the body. This can affect the overall health as well as your feeling of liveliness.


Because there is fecal matter compacted within the walls of the colon, absorption of your nutrients is now even slowing down, wasting a number of nutrients which your entire body requires. These leads to decrease nutrients in the body and can aggravate any medical diseases.


If you don’t colon cleanse, the colon walls usually turn thicker with compacted feces. This leads to trouble in passing stool leading to even further build up of stool.


Poor colon condition equals increase likeliness for parasite infections. The compacted bowel movement in the body becomes a breeding ground for worms and other parasites. Those parasites will only grow in rates and may only cause infections and many other bad health issues.


Because of reason #3 decreased nutrients, the immunity is lowered which makes you more inclined towards infections, diseases, and a great deal of other medical problems such as allergies.


Best colon cleanse methods were well-known for many years to aid in losing pounds and maintaining overall well being. Just the mere cleansing of your colon will provide a flatter belly.

July 20 2011

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