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2 April, 2011

Leases can be very complicated. Comparing apples to oranges. Read your lease carefully. All locks on the apartment doors offer good security, and the cores of the locks will be changed when you move in. The intercom buzzer system for the front door works properly.

(Make sure that the bars or grating can be opened from the inside in the event of a fire, and that you will be given a key, if one is required. This will deter against tampering. Know who belongs.

If in doubt, look up the company telephone number yourself (don’t rely on a number they give you), and call to verify the information. Use only your first initial on your doorbell and mailbox, and in the phone book. Check out the property: In addition to examining the condition of the for-rent unit, walk through the property to see whether it appears to be well-maintained. Does the building have a security service? If so, is a guard on duty 24 hours or does he or she just drive by periodically? Ask about amenities: Does the building have a swimming pool? A recreation or fitness room? Tennis courts? Laundry facilities? Who is allowed to use those facilities and during what hours? Is there an extra fee charged for use of the facilities? Where are the facilities located in relation to your prospective apartment? Do you really want to live poolside or near the laundry room? Ask about utility costs: Is the water bill paid by the owner or separately by the tenants? Are electrical or gas utilities included in the agreement? Is there a single thermostat for the entire building? If so, who controls it? Take notes: Before you move in, document the condition of your unit and make note of any nonfunctioning doors or windows, leaking plumbing, missing fixtures, stained carpets and so on.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for rental housing or apartments and your credit is below 700, there may be a chance of getting denied. I just signed a lease for my San Antonio Tx Apartment first apartment in Texas. Most area apartments are concerned with quality and would want their reputation to remain intact. Sometimes this involves informing colleagues, friends and families exactly what you are going through to see whether there is something they can do. Finally, consider checking apartment listings or using an apartment locator.

So you must have guessed by now that I am in love with Katy. Many Downtown, Inner Loop, and Galleria employees commute from Katy and with the HOV lane, now the commuting time is merely 20 minutes. My favorites are Sheet Kabob Cafe’ and Wild Wing Cafe’. In North Katy you will find older communities and the town.

Katy is that Place! Cypress, Texas is located in Northwest Harris County; near the Highway 290 and the Spring-Cypress intersection. Betting the farm. This Highway and Highway 249 are the main thoroughfares in the area.

San Antonio Tx Apartments For Rent

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