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4 March, 2017

Car Donations – Car Charity


– How to Donate Your Car In CanadaArticle By: Charles DeiningerDonate My Car In CanadaI will donate my car in Canada because that is where I live. This poses some problems for doing research on how to make a car donation that will work out best for me, and help out a car donation charity at the same time, since the majority of the information on the internet about this kind of thing relates to the United States. There are different tax laws, different government programs that encourage donating cars, and the value of the dollar has a different meaning as well. – How to Donate A Used Car To A Cash-for-Clunkers ProgramArticle By: Charles DeiningerDonate A Used Car To A Cash-for-Clunkers ProgramThere was a recent program in the United States where you could donate a used car and receive cash back to be used to purchase a newer vehicle. This program was called the Car Allowance Rebate System, also known more informally as “cash for clunkers. It recently ended on August 24th, and has been considered a great success by most of the people involved. The government contributed three billion dollars, which has gone back into the car industry as people have been upgrading their cars. – Brief Explanation of Different Charity DonationsCharles DeiningerDifferent Charity DonationsThere are many reasons for making charity donations. Some people do it as a genuine attempt to help those who are worse off than they are; others do it out of a sense of obligation, to share the wealth so to speak. Still others do it solely for the tax benefits that are usually involved. Regardless of your reasons for doing so, if you donate to charity, then you are helping someone out. Just as there are different reasons for making donations, there are different ways that one can donate.

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