Car Donations How to Donate a Car in Any Country

2 September, 2016

How To Donate A Car In Any Country

Authored By: Charles Deininger

Donate A Car For All Countries

Donating cars became a huge business in July and August of 2009, with the creation of a new donate a car program by the US government. Something needed to be done to help the flailing auto industry in the States, and so the government decided to provide incentive for people to go out and buy new cars. If your vehicle met certain requirements, then you were eligible for a cash rebate of potentially up to $4500, depending on the value of the vehicle.

The purpose of this program was partially to help get older and more polluting vehicles off the streets, but mainly it was about trying to stimulate the US auto industry. With the Wall Street crash in late 2008, and the subsequent recession, the auto industry took a massive hit as consumers were suddenly faced with unemployment and the loss of their homes; the future seemed very bleak indeed. As a result, larger purchases, like buying a new car, dropped as few people were willing to risk spending so much money.

The “Cash for Clunkers” program did stimulate the US auto industry, but it also helped the auto industries in other countries. Japanese imports saw a big increase as consumers took the money they received from their car donation, and used it to buy imported vehicles. Production of certain American cars that were being manufactured across the border in Canada also saw an increase with the higher demand and this resulted in a boost to the Canadian auto industry as well.

Those who decided to donate a car to help America’s sluggish economy probably didn’t realize just how much their actions would end up also benefiting other countries. The way the auto industry is set up globally means that so many different parts of this industry interconnect across different nations, such as companies that focus on designing specific parts, companies that are involved in shipping, and many others.

All the promotion for the “Cash for Clunkers” program stressed how those who decided to donate a car would actually be participating in a strategy to help the ailing auto industry in the United States. What was not realized at the time was that so many other countries would benefit from this system of encouraging people to donate cars as well. This is not a negative side effect at all. As stated, there is so much interconnectedness between the different nations that what is good for one tends to be good for the others.

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