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11 June, 2015

How to Donate Your Car In Canada

Article By: Charles Deininger

Donate My Car In Canada

I will donate my car in Canada because that is where I live. This poses some problems for doing research on how to make a car donation that will work out best for me, and help out a car donation charity at the same time, since the majority of the information on the internet about this kind of thing relates to the United States. There are different tax laws, different government programs that encourage donating cars, and the value of the dollar has a different meaning as well.

The main difference I discovered when I decided to donate my car in my town, was that the “Cash for Clunkers” programs that both Canada and the States were offering at the time were quite different in terms of how much money you could get for used cars. The US program ended over the summer, but while it was in effect it offered up to $4500 for a used car donation. This is a huge amount when you consider that the Canadian program, which is still running, only offers about $300.

If I donate my car in the United States, then the tax deduction works much in the same way that the Canadian one does. Both systems require you to itemize the vehicle and to determine the appropriate amount to claim on your tax return. Both nations also impose a general limit of $500 of a tax deduction, but that can be changed in certain situations. Usually, you are restricted to whatever is the least amount of a deduction available, but that is not surprising.

Luckily, if I donate my car in Canada, I can still find a high number of charities out there that will want my vehicle, no matter what condition it is in. If there is one charity that turns me down, then there are plenty of other ones out there that will gladly accept even a junk car. I want to donate my car to charity in a way that is more useful to them than just scrap metal, but it’s nice to know that I don’t have to spend any real money fixing it up if I don’t want to.

I should complete my research and then donate my car in a week or so. There are so many car donation charities to choose from so it won’t be an easy choice. I do want to give my car to a charity that I believe in, because I guess that is the main purpose for making a charitable donation. It’s not so much about the money I can get back through a tax donation; it’s more about helping out those who need assistance more than I do.

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