Car Insurance

11 November, 2017

Car insurance is certainly something you cannot do without.  In fact, it is required by law to license your vehicle.  Most people stay very loyal to their car insurance provider but sometimes they might not be getting the best rate possible.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Shop around on the internet.  The internet provides a fast and easy way to check rates of other insurers so it makes it easy to tell if you are getting at least a competitive rate.  Once you have done some investigation, call your agent and discuss it with him or her.  In some cases they maybe able to match that rate.

2. Watch your deductibles.  Sometimes your agent may not ask you but instead automatically assign you a low deductible such as $250.  If you can afford a higher deductible ask him to quote you rates with a $500 and $1000 deductible.  Also, if you have an accident your rates will probably go up, so it may be a good time to raise your deductible then.

3. Watch your fault coverage.  This is the maximum fault coverage the insurer is liable for if you are in an accident which is your fault.  In some states, the minimum amount is rather low considering prices today so it may be good to raise that coverage.  Usually this does not impact your rates significantly and is worth the extra fee.

4. If you get a ticket, check with the clerk or court representative when you go to pay the ticket if you can get on probation.  Usually for a small extra fee you can go on probation and if you do not receive another ticket within a certain period of time (usually 6 months), your ticket will not go on your driving record. 

5. Check with your insurance provider on ways to lower your rates.  Perhaps you can bundle your car insurance with other insurance and receive a discount.  If you own a home, usually home insurance and car insurance through the same agent is an advantage. 

6. Sometimes taking a defensive driving course can help you get better rates.  If you live in a large city, they usually have these classes every weekend, and you can spend a few hours on a Saturday that will help raise your insurance rating thus giving you a better standing with the insurance company.  This often translates to better rates.

7. If you can afford to make 6 months of your insurance payment rather than paying monthly, insurance companies will usually give you a discount.  Check with your insurance agent about this if you are currently paying monthly.

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