Carbon Motors Pens Open Letter for White House

25 June, 2014

Carbon Motors, a boutique automobile company, is aiming to become one of the na-tion’s top suppliers of law enforcement vehi-cles. The company has been waiting for more than two years for a federal loan to make the cars it wishes to make. One of the company’s execs has just written an open letter to the White House cabinet.

Company wants to put bespoke cruiser on the streets

The Bush administra-tion put together a Department of Energy initiative while started the Advanced Technology Automobile manufacturing allowing the Carbon Motors Corporation to apply for a loan. This loan would allow the company to begin producing the E7 police car without any consumer versions. AutoBlog reports that the business has waited for two years for the loan so far without any luck.

The company has just posted an open letter to the White House Cabinet, in hopes of convincing them that Carbon’s loan should be approved and the country’s first bespoke police interceptor can begin to be created.

All about the car

The E7 will cost about the same as any police car but will be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds with 250 horse-power, as reported by Carbon’s website.

One popular law enforcement car, the 2009 Ford Crown Victoria, gets only 19 miles per gallon for fuel mileage while the brand new Carbon E7 really gets 28 to 30 mpg, according to the EPA. That is an enor-mous jump that many people are likely to be ex-cited about. The E7 also emits 40 percent less carbon, which is also an enormous bonus.

AutoBlog explains that BMW will give the E7 its 3.0-liter inline-six cylinder diesel engine. This engine is offered three automobiles right now, including the 335d, the X5d SUV and a 3-Series sedan.

The business has received orders for more than 20,000 E7 cruisers, as reported by WXIN Fox59. The $310 million loan could create up to 10,000 jobs at the facility in Connersville, Ind., where it intends to build the E7.

Most popular diesel

The loan would allow the business to produce the 20,000 cars that have already been ordered. There would be more people driving the diesel-engine car than any other diesel motor vehicles sold

Probably the most popular diesel vehicle in America, according to AutoGuide, is the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, of which 56,717 were sold be-tween Jan and the end of July this year. The second and third most popular diesel passenger vehicles are the Volkswagen Golf TDI and the BMW X35d, the diesel powered X5, though they lag far behind the Jetta in sales. Diesels, according to AutoGuide, make up about 3 percent of all passenger vehicle sales in the U.S.

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