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31 December, 2013

The school year is almost over and your children may be looking forward to travelling abroad with friends or going to a summer camp abroad. Hopefully all the hotel rooms, tickets, travel insurance will be booked, but there is still the issue of spending money. Whether you or your children are funding the trip, making sure they have enough money for the trip will be on your mind. Cash always runs the risk of attracting unwanted attention from strangers while UK bank cards can attract unwanted attention from the banks in terms of foreign exchange fees, transaction fees and ATM withdrawal fees.  So how do you make sure your children have enough money in case of an emergency?

We recommend a prepaid currency card. As they are prepaid, you can load the card with your desired amount from the beginning, and can top it up online, enabling you to control the expenses. By doing this many prepaid card providers estimate that you can save around £40 for every £500 changed compared to buying travel money at the airport or high street bureau de change.  For the euro and dollar cards all transactions are in the local currency so there are no foreign exchange conversion fees.  Most cards are also exempt from transaction fees as well so what you see is what you pay. Most cards are CHIP and PIN secure, protecting you from any fraudulent transactions in case of theft. With the ability to control or top up your child’s allowance if required these cards could be a great solution for when your kids travel abroad.

To know more about various currency cards on offer, visit our currency card comparison page

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