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28 August, 2011

Pick up your Cassette Recorder and Banners, it’s time for a Rebellion!

Well . . . okay, it may be not as adrenaline pumping, although tapes are coming back in fashion: Are cassettes becoming trendy again? Go to your box of memories for your Tape recorder because just as there was a resurrection in the desire for vinyl records, for some generations there is something somewhat remarkable about the good old fashioned low-tech cassette.

Tape recorders and cassette Walkmans may lack the sleek look and minimalism of iPod’s and MP3’s, but for some music connoisseurs that is what actually holds the draw . However, older generation readers who have lived long enough, can’t forget having more than a few of their best albums chewed up by their cassette walkman players, and may be wondering at the attraction. Maybe it is just another example of “living life on the edge”; I know at some point my extremely rare live bootleg tape can end up becoming runied forever by my old cassette player – what a buzz!

Okay, all fooling about aside, there obviously is a retro-movement out there for cassettes that is driven primarily by trendy “indie” bands and their fanatical fans.

And contrary to what general opinion may be, there are still a variety of models of personal cassette players and recorders, cassette boomboxes and auto cassette players from Sony, Panasonic, Kenwood, Pioneer and other top brands available for purchase. Check out some Old Skool Cassette Players Here

May 27 2010

Games date back to the early 1950’s. They got popular after the innovation of the PCs. Individuals walked into the stores to purchase PC games and installed to their machines for the sake of playing. After the coming of the internet, people could purchase the online games with ease. Game developers were on the lookout for a way to create games on the cyberspace by utilizing java or some other languages. Nevertheless the efforts were useless owing to hard –coded or low efficiency. 

Flash came into vogue in 1996 and is now distributed by Adobe Systems. It is vector animation software package. It is light weight and best suited for the net. These games are popular all over the world. The country of Greece is no exclusion. It is only that these games are referred to as Paixnidia in Greece. The reasons for the popularity of these online flash games are listed below.

Vector based languages keep the files cut in size, adobe flash is a multimedia platform and the games can be produced easily, no downloads or installations are necessary on the part of the player. They are accessible for free on the cyberspace. It fits all age groups. There are countless sites playing flash games. They are profitable and thus supported by many advertizers. Individuals love to relax with this after a hard day’s work. 

The CD games you purchase from the shops are more expensive than the online flash games. Moreover they do not have such a huge variety. Some are to be played individually while others are multiplayer games. Here different people compete with each other over a electronic computer electronic network. Playing online games has been linked to social networking of late. The commonest online flash games can be categorized broadly into action, racing, military, mind games where you are faced with a variety of opponent forces. These games improve your mental agility and sharpen your unconditioned reflexes. 

Habituation to these online flash games among all age groups is a common phenomenon. Puzzle games are known to stimulate the reasoning abilities in a kid. There has been a substantial rise in the number of internet sites providing these games. These games have scenarios and graphics that are praiseworthy. They entertain and at the same time, increase the power of concentration. You have the option to choose from a trial version. You can purchase it only if you have developed a liking for it. Graphics, selections, proper animation and user friendly interface make them worth trying. You can play your favorite game with the click of a mouse. The sites concerned with these games permit the users to rate the games and eventually leave their reviews. These reviews help the future players. Greek webpage 999paixnidia for example offers many games.

May 21 2010

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