Celebrate Fathers Day with These Cheap but Meaningful Gifts

12 December, 2013

Papa, Daddy, Dada, Dad…he’s that one special man in your live that their sons look up to and their daughter’s first loves. This Sunday is Father’s Day so let’s show that Superhero in your life just how much you love him.

It is only too easy to buy Dad an expensive gift or take him out for an expensive meal in a nice restaurant. But if you are feeling a little poor at the end of the month, do remember that some of the best things in life are free so read on below for tips on how you can celebrate Father’s Day for free or almost-free!

Make Daddy A Hand-Made Father’s Day Card

A DIY Father’s Day card may not look as beautiful as the glossy cards you buy. However, as simple as it looks or unpoetic the words may be, the effort you  have taken and the heartfelt words it contains makes it a unique Father’s Day card that will definitely touch his heart!


Spend Time With Dad

Time spent together costs you nothing but means so much more than anything money can buy. This Father’s Day, clear your busy calendars and take the time to know this man who works hard to give you the things you want and loves you enough to sacrifice anything in the world. Regardless of how old you already are or whether you are married with families of your own, you will always be your Daddy’s Little Girl or Daddy’s Boy and he will certainly enjoy this quality time with you.


Enjoy Dad’s Favourite Hobbies

Your dad may be a golf junkie whilst you simply can’t understand the game! Or he may love a quiet afternoon with a good book while you prefer the excitement of shopping malls. Whatever your dad’s hobbies are, join him and try your hand at them. It is a great way for you to bond with him and who knows, you might find yourself loving it too!

Tell Dad You Love Him

It is sometimes hard to tell Dad you love him especially if he is a stern dad or if he has let you down in some way. But hugs, kisses and “I Love Yous” are the cheapest and most effective way to let someone know you love them and are constantly thinking of them. So this Father’s Day, hug your Dad and tell him how much he means to you. It will absolutely make his day!

Father’s Day is just one day in a year but that doesn’t mean you can’t do all these great things with him any other time of the year. It costs you hardly anything but is priceless in cementing the bond and love between father and child.

Happy Father’s Day to all daddies out there! 🙂 

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