Cheap Web Hosting or Paid Website Hosting

11 June, 2014

Your web hosting matters – believe it or not.

Imagine trying to make money on the Internet with your own website and one day you decide to spend some money on local or pay-per-click advertising to get more traffic to your site. The ad is launched and now you await your new visitors only to realize that your web hosting company is down!!!

Out of service, out of luck, out of money!

The old adage goes “You get what you paid for in this area!”

What about FREE Web Hosting?

Nothing is every free, especially for web hosting services. If you are trying to save money on web hosting, this may be a route to go if you are simply starting out and want to get a feel for building your own website, then give it a shot. But be forewarned.

I get so many questions like “Why do these ads show up on my site?” or “Where did these pop-ups come from?”

Well, the companies that give you free website hosting want something in return, so they put ads on your site to try to make money with.

You see, every time someone clicks on those ads, they get paid. Want to learn more about making money with advertisments? Read this post on money making ads on your website and how you can generate income with ads on your site.

Why do I need Web Hosting?

This also gets asked a lot, so …

You need to place your .com domain name somewhere on the Internet.

Step one is to purchase your own domain name (roughly around $10.00/year)

Then you need to point that domain to a hosting company. Your host company can be located anywhere in the world, but for most common websites in North America, they are hosted in USA or Canada.

What will I get and how much?

Most hosting companies will give a lot of tools to play with.

For around $10 USD per month, you should get the following:

  1. Web server space to place your HTML files (can be anywhere around 10MB to 2GB)
  2. The ability to set up your own email accounts. Not just one, but as many as you like (some do put limits on the amount of email accounts you can have)
  3. Web tools and applications. With some companies, they will even provide you with website builders to build your own website.
  4. Website statistics to find out how much traffic and visitors you are getting in a day, week or month
  5. and much more….

What to look for in a Website Hosting company?

Support has been my biggest issue. If I want to get anywhere, especially when starting out, I will need some help.

Support is the most important issue. Sometime I may hit the wall with a problem and just need someone to point me in the right direction.

Personally I do not care if my website has a few hiccups along the way, I just want to know that if there is a problem that I can contact someone in a timely manner.

Response is very important.

Are all hosting companies the same?

No. Some have great support, some do not and you need to stay far away from them. More trouble that they are worth.

Some will want to charge you $30 or $40 per month, this is too much in my opinion when starting out and testing the waters.

Some will offer you Windows hosting or Linux hosting. They are two different animals.

Windows hosting is usually a bit more expensive, but not required unless you are developing your website with Microsoft Frontpage or your website developer knows .ASP or .NET only.

Linux hosting is usually the cheaper route, the better performing and the most commonly available type of hosting service.

With Linux hosting you can install a number of open-source (free) applications to build your own website. The most common type of applications would be blogging tools like WordPress, content management tools like Joomla, Drupal and more. Basically you have more control and options with linux hosting.

How much should web hosting cost me?

Plan on spending roughly $5-$15 a month. Sometimes I seen plans going for $3.95 per month if you purchase your domain name with the company.

The charges are usually billed on a monthly basis, so you can cancel or move your website at any time. No cancellation fees as well.

What about set up fees? If you are starting out, you should not have to pay for it.

Where to get web hosting service?

If you are starting out, have a look at these services.

They are know for great support and offer a variety of features at a low price.

Hostgator gives unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Store HTML files, images and more. Plus they have a money back guarantee and their hosting plans usually start around $4.95 per month. Every now and then you will see coupon codes posted on their website, so definitely one to check out. If you have money making applications such as the eBay Build a Niche Store, phpBay or others, your applications will work fine here.

I could recommend so others, but if you are starting out, this should be a simple and easy to use site to work with.

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