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17 February, 2014

What do you get when you take one of the most reputable car makers and blend it with a luxury limo? One of the distinguished and stylish models from Chrysler that’s what. Chrysler has been putting people all around the world behind the wheel since the first auto rolled off the line in 1904. Walter Chrysler took a little rundown automobile company and turned it into a multibillion-dollar business that make autos of all sizes and styles including the piece de resistance the limousine.

Arriving in Style

A limousine makes a statement of decadence. Whether you are attending your Year 12 high School Formal or taking the bridal party to the church, the limousine is a standard artifact that suggests a special moment in life. For some, a Chrysler limousine is yet another way to get from point A to B, but when you look closer, you see much more.

It is About the Look

From the old Executive models to today’s modern 300C Stretch Chrysler has delivered limousines that scream splendour and flair. Chrysler developed the luxurious autos we all know today as limousines. Modern day limos are a symbol of rank. The average individual hires a Chrysler limousine to celebrate an occasion such as a high school ball, weddings, birthdays and even transport for wine tours. They represent a way to arrive at an event in posh style.

What You May Find in a Chrysler Limousine

Limos are special. Each has its own personality. The one you hire for your school formal will may be different from what you hire for your big day. There are some standard features to think about.

Privacy Dividers – separates the rear seating from the driver

Entertainment System – varies by model. Some will be loaded with LCD TVs and a DVD entertainment console while other may just have a fancy stereo with a beautiful sound system.

Leather seating – Chrysler limousines come in different sizes. The 300C Stretch seats up to 10 folks nicely.

Cool things you may find in a Chrysler model limo include fiber optic and neon lighting, fully stocked bar, karaoke, digital touch pad controls and a Bentley grill.

Irrespective of what your event, Chrysler will get you there in style. Nothing announces opulence quite like a Chrysler limo. Why not consider a stylish Chrysler limousine for your school ball transport.

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