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27 January, 2013

Thanks to the changing times, advances in technology and newer material trends, roofing methods have changed drastically. It is time to get your roof looked at. Different kinds of building structures need different kinds of roofing. For instance, residential and official buildings would have flat roofs while Church roofing may be slanted. Even the supplies used vary. Thermoplastic single ply membranes TPO are the preferred commercial roofing product. Residential roofing normally has thinner and stiffer material made of fiberglass shingles. Another commonly used material, especially in the US, is the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM. These shingles are more heavy-duty and efficient than their predecessors but do require careful and detailed attention during installation. They are also relatively inexpensive, fairly clean to work with and simpler to install compared to conventionally built roofs.

To lay a impressive roof with minimal chance of callbacks for repairs, you will need to first make sure that all the nails on the roof are nailed all the way in and flush with the surface. When you go to tack in the supplies, be sure to space and nail the panels properly. Use three of your fingers together as a guide to how much space should be between the nails. Don’t be too rough with the roofing as you can tear it. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when installing materials. There are certain aspects that you need to take care of while planning your roof. It should be leak proof, weather proof, and wind proof. After all it is one of the main parts of the building and like the building’s foundation should be sturdy, durable and long lasting. You also need to consider the climate of your area. Roofs will last for a longer time in milder climates, rather than in harsher ones. The roof’s life expectancy considerably depends on the quality of workmanship. Improperly installed roofs will have a shorter lifespan. Apart from weathering, other factors that affect the life of the roof are foot traffic on the roof, rain water accumulation on the roof and the time it takes to evaporate or drain off.

It is possible to install roofing on your own, but is not recommended. Getting a great company in your area like Virginia Beach Roofing contractors or Cheasepeake roofer or Norfolk roofing contractors, would guarantee that your roof was done right. Apart from roofing, these contractors can also provide you maintenance jobs like re-roofing, roof replacement, roof waterproofing and other services. You will not even need to visit their offices or call them. You can request a roof estimate from the comfort of your own home with just the click of your mouse. Talking to them about your roof online and ask about the best supplies for your roof and if they offer any discounts. They may even be able to help you out with roofing insurance claims, especially if you are opting for roof renovation or roof remodeling.

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