Commodity Option Secrets

24 June, 2017

Find out how these…

“Underground Futures Options Techniques Developed By An Ex-Trader From One Of The World’s Largest Grain Trading Companies”

…Can Turn Your Commodity Option Trades Into Pure Gold, While Minimizing Risks And Losses To The Lowest Possible Level

Dear Friend,

I’m sick and tired of watching others get ripped off!

Since I first started trading commodity options more than a decade ago, I purchased option systems and newsletters that were way overpriced and lacked any unique trading style.

At one point in time, I
was spending $250 a month on a newsletter that
taught me how to spot 90% winners based on probability alone.

I would receive one Option
Credit Spread trade a month. It’s not a bad strategy. In fact probability trading in the options market is a great strategy, if done correctly, but the problem is you didn’t need his service.

You can look at the Delta of an option to figure out the probability of the trade. Too high a monthly charge and too simple a strategy.

WARNING: Do not spend money on another
system or course UNTIL you have read this

Currently there are option newsletters on the Internet priced at $100 – $200 per month with the same old Delta Neutral, Credit Spread type of trading.

Most of them offer
rehashed, commonly available techniques
that pass off as
strategies for trading commodity options. Very often, such
models are too simplistic and one dimensional for use in the
real world.

Right into the Mind of a Professional TraderTry my strategies for yourself and see how well they work in the real world. If you’re not convinced that you can learn and use something new from my system in 90 days or less, simply
And Extract All His Secrets

For many years, I entered the Futures orders for one of the largest grain trading companies
in the world.

What you are going to
learn will be my complete, trail blazing strategies developed
over thousands of hours of endless experimentation,
meticulous study and field testing.

These have been my
“pet secrets”
for many years so if you are interested in trading futures options like an old timer, take the
next few minutes and read what I have to say very carefully.

What’s more amazing is
that my exclusive and not found elsewhere system will instantly
benefit ANY trader, regardless of trading style. It can be used
with any option market, including stock options!

KNOWING that this information exists
can change the way you trade!

My focus
is on 2 trades.

The First Trade is
a scale trading techniquethat will blow you away
once you learn the details of it. This is the
same technique
that top commercial firms have been using
to trade the Futures market for years.

Just learning this
alone will give you the exact edge you need over the big players!

How to trade while totally NOT
caring about market direction

Most people think that as
the “small guy” with no advantage, they stand absolutely no
when it comes to trading on the same floor as big commercial

But trading FROM
the perspective of a global grains trading company has taught me that
it is completely possible for this “small guy” to build and
establish his own market position if he uses the right strategies. 

Believe it or not, my
boss didn’t care if the market fell after if he bought 50 million bushels
of soybeans. In fact, he would always buy more.

Why? Because he knew that
the price could never go lower than ZERO. This is how all the commercials
trade, but what you may not know is that the small trader can do the
same with options!

The beauty of trading
commodity options combined with my signature strategy will allow
youto establish a market position without having to worry
about market direction ever again.
In fact, if done right, you don’t have to worry about time decay either.

If you’re not convinced
that what I’m suggesting really works, think about this for a moment.

Casinos impose betting limits
for almost every single game. That’s because if you keep playing while raising your bet, you will never lose.

How to sit back and let
the markets make money for you, month after month

The Second Trade
I’m going to share is a Delta Neutral Calendar Spread. You might
have heard of “delta neutral”, or even calendar spreads in general… but
what I teach is nothing close to anything you have learned before.

Price per day (theta
trade) is the traditional credit spread with a revolutionary twist!

This second trade will instantly debunkcommon misconceptions that can
hold you back from making MORE money, including…

How to trade option
spreads with just hundreds of dollars, not tens of thousands of

Why you CAN buy“out of the money” options and turn them into the best bargains

How you CAN cash in on
options with little time value by correctly calculating the risk to
reward ratio

What Most Experts do NOT Tell YouNOT up for sale. The truth is: when I first discovered, honed and polished these strategies I wanted to keep them all to myself! They were just TOO GOOD to give away… Then I realized that there were people out there who badly needed this information…
that sets you apart from them!

But there’s still one
crucial detail

If you are going to trade
Futures options or even turn it into a lucrative pastime, you need to know one secret that will allow you to
trade options just like a professional.

It is the secret of time decay, or the theta

Most people KNOW
about time decay, but do not track the theta value of their options.

Look, If you trade Delta Neutral right now, or any type of option trading, you must check the Theta.

You may not know this,
but experts use this knowledge to their own trading advantage.

I will teach you exactly how to
do so in my “Option Secrets” package, with examples straight from my years
of experience.

Could this Blockbuster Package be your missing link to trading Futures options the right way?

For a one time low price, you get my complete “Option Secrets” package jam packed with
so you can benefit from my years of experience to avoid all the mistakes I made.

Option Secrets
ManualPrice per day (theta trade) is the traditional credit spread with a revolutionary twist! This second trade will instantly debunk common misconceptions that can hold you back from making MORE money, including… How to trade option
“Never Before Seen Techniques”

The “Option Secrets” book covers all of the following topics step by step, including my unparalleled trading strategies…

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    (This is THE
    option trade to use for profiting from market movement such
    as when swing trading � but with less risk than with
    straight futures) No Futures or Commodity trading system can guarantee profits. The risk of loss exists in Futures trading. — Links || E-Mail || Affiliate

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