Comparison of Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair and Airasia Free Seats

21 December, 2013

A price war is currently ongoing between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia with the former offering best fairs under their Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair promotion and the latter touting 500,000 free seats!

Which offers the better deal?

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair

The MAS Travel Fair allows travel between 17 February to 30 September which is really good for those who are planning a holiday during the coming March school holidays!

Unfortunately, the no fuel surcharge policy applies to only domestic routes for now so do be prepared to pay a bit more for fuel surcharge and other miscellaneous charges.

AirAsia 500,000 Free Seats

On the other hand, Air Asia’s free seat promotion allows travel from only 12 Oct 2009 to 31 Jan 2010. Though good it does make it a tiny bit harder to plan especially if you are working and have trouble taking leave.

One good thing about AirAsia is that they have totally cut their fuel surcharge on both domestic and international routes so you can look forward to cheaper fares on them.

Read more below to find how MAS Travel Fair compares against AirAsia’s free seats.

MAS vs AirAsia

It is interesting to note that AirAsia’s free seats deal starts just after the end of the MAS Travel Fair which means consumers have the best deals as they can be assured of cheap fares whenever they travel!

A quick check between the two revealed that a planned trip in August was almost the same price for both the airlines, with Airasia just being a tiny bit cheaper as it is not within their promotional period. If this is the case, then Malaysia Airlines is recommended simply for the additional comfort you get for pretty much the same price. Imagine not having to jostle with crowds for boarding and all the food and water you can drink during your flight!

However, if you are planning a trip during Airasia’s promotional travel period, then go with AirAsia’s free ticket promotion because MAS definitely cannot compare with their great deals. In that case, the crowds and Pak Naseer’s Nasi Lemak is a small price to pay for savings of a few hundred ringgit!

So, plan your trips wisely this year and you stand to get great savings on your airtickets! Now, everyone can fly…even in an economic recession.


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