Complete Currency Trader Review Online Making Money Tips

17 March, 2017

Complete Currency Trader Review Online Making Money Tips

*** Updated *** Full Review Below ***

As promised we here at  OnlineMakingMoneyTips.Com  Have had the opportunity to  finally go through the Complete Currency Trader Program and as such will report our experience and findings in this review.  This review will cover each section contained within the course, so as to not leave anything out, we want to provide you with our full-unbiased experience.  This way, you can make a more informed decision on whether or not this program is for you.

The team at Complete Currency Trader is willing to work with anyone who has the drive and passion to put absolutely everything into this program.  Their mission is to train people to the level of a fully self-sufficient professional trader.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned straight away it the user interface, as it is essentially the “nerve center” of your entire educational and practical en-devour.  The web interface is all very clear and functional, there are 12 main sections that are easily accessible from a few locations, each containing sub sections within them.  The introduction sets the tone for the course and right off the bat you can feel the level of professionalism that went into this program.

The next section we come to in the Complete Currency Trader course is the Forex knowledge area and it is quite extensive even in the modest of terms.  This particular knowledge section includes in-depth, engaging content covering integral topics such as; the advantage of trading foreign exchange, forex market structure and mechanics, dealers and brokers, volatility/liquidity and much more.

This part of the course is clearly designed to take any level of trader, experienced or not and set them up with a foundation that consists of the “right” information to know and understand.  This part of the course is one I can see myself re-visiting time and time again as the content is definitely fitting to what professional traders live and practice everyday.  The core fundamentals required for consistently making pips and maintaining a low losing trade percentage is more than covered here in this section, even a professional trader could pick up a thing or two with this information.

It is no coincidence that the next section of the course takes us by the hand as we delve into Understanding Risk.  Probably the most important aspect of trading anything is your ability to extensively assess risk involved with the positions you open and close.  I can say from past experience that not fully grasping the risk involved with your trades can seriously damage your trading account and confidence.

The Complete Currency Trader course has an extensive section dedicated to teaching this area of trading, once through I felt as though my previous knowledge on risk was less than up to par.  Now as I’ve mentioned on other pages of the site I do not classify myself as a professional trader, it is however something I personally want to accomplish in the near future of my online career.  Covering leverage, margin call, losses, odds and probability in great detail ensures we as students are prepared for the practical aspect of this program and are able to make unemotional calculated decisions that lead to profits.

Continuing on with the program I come to the section assigned to providing all the necessary information required to turn your trading into a full-fledged sustainable Forex Business.  This particular area of the course really opened my eyes and made me take a step back and really figure out my main objectives with forex.  The psychology of running your own trading business goes hand in hand with the actual act of trading.  Removing emotion from business in general is typically sound advice and this is a huge factor in ones success.

Next up in the Complete Currency Trader course is a brief but not lacking section on Money Management.  I only say brief simply by comparison to the previous sections of the program, the actual information is clear and educational in both the practical and theoretical sense.  Money management is right in there with risk management in that they are the bloodline of your trading body.

Moving along we are face to face with the actual Trading System that is practiced and taught at Complete Currency Trader.  This is where I got a feel for the practical side of this program and almost immediately I felt comfortable with the outline of the system.  Enough so that I could continue learning the system well enough to setup a few starter trades in the not so distant future (I will update this post once these trades have opened/closed).  Every key aspect of the system is discussed in enough detail that no matter what your learning pace is, you can ensure you’ll walk way with a full hands-on understanding of this system.  Key areas including, entry/exit rules, stop loss, position size, open trade management, examples of full trades and loads of expert advice and tips on how to turn it all into profitable long term business.

Along with all the above-mentioned educational content there are numerous resources included that will accommodate the learning experience substantially.  Videos, executed trades cataloged month-to-month, calculators, trading training (takes you from never having traded in your life to confidently opening and closing positions on command).  Basically this part reinforces the material I absorbed on the trading system itself, the entire sequence is laid out here in very easy to understand fashion.

In addition there is proprietary software included for members that has an intuitive and easily programmable stop loss indicator, Forex Trade Manager and Scalper Expert Advisers (EA’s).  This software combined with the education and training included in the Complete Currency Trader system is all one needs to succeed in the exciting and lucrative world of foreign exchange.

One more thing that I cannot leave out is the level of support supplied with this professional trading course.  Their support expands into several faucets such as technical, motivational and practical.  There is no question to small or silly and the personal touch they offer with their support is undeniable.

So far from my experience, I can honestly say that this program totally over delivers on excellent content, in fact it can be daunting when you first login to the client area on the amount of detailed content included.  This is a SERIOUS course for SERIOUS and highly driven people who can absorb and apply information in a calculated way.  You don’t need the initial trading experience to benefit tremendously from this course, you simply need the attitude and motivation and to follow it through no matter what challenges arise.

It’s simply really…

If you’re dead serious about becoming an actual professional Forex trader who makes a comfortable living buying and selling currencies on the foreign exchange, then this is 100% the trading course for you.  I cannot stress the above enough, this program is intended to turn people into Forex trading business owners, people not only with the drive and focus but with the will to succeed at the elite level.

Just a few comments from satisfied customers…

“As far as I’m concerned, this is the Holy Grail we’ve all been looking for!”

“My account is growing and my confidence is off the scale, you were right trading is easier that most think…”

“This is easily the most impressive trading system I have ever seen. I haven’t had a losing day in over two weeks and I’m finally having consistent gains, Thanks!”

“If I had to name just one thing that I was most impressed about this course, I would have to say your support has been top notch since day 1.”

Free Bonus

*For a limited time only we will be giving away a FREE bonus Forex Trading starter and strategy guide valued at about $69-$99.

How do I claim my limited time bonus?

1.    Simply purchase Complete Currency Trader Via this link or the BIG green “Click Here” button above.

2.      Then after payment email either a screenshot of your receipt or the actual receipt number itself to admin@onlinemakingmoneytips.com.

3.     You will receive your limited time bonus within 24 – 48 hours.


Although we don’t really focus much on Forex related programs here at OnlineMakingMoneyTips.Com, we couldn’t possibly leave this one out based on sheer popularity alone.

On September 5th, Complete Currency Trader, created by James Edward and Zack Smith is set to launch and this Forex trading course and ad far as we can tell, is jammed packed with content. Combine training, education, live support along with propriety-designed software and your left with an all-in-one currency trading system that can seriously improve one’s ability to consistently make pips, regardless of initial skill.

We have some minor currency trading experience and as such have been looking forward to the release of this trading system. We would strongly encourage you to check back here, as we will update this post once we’ve tested Complete Currency Trader.

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