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13 March, 2010

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What can I eat after lap band surgery?

Postoperative diet

For the first 2 weeks or so after surgery many doctors ask their patients to stay on a liquid diet. This is to reduce pressure on the stomach or gastric band that might be caused with eating regular solid food. Then for weeks 3 – 4 after surgery most surgeons will have their patients eat soft solids food, eventually transitioning to solid regular food.

Remember, the gastric band causes you to fill full with solid foods, but liquids go right through the Band straight into the bottom part of your stomach. As a result, liquids won’t make you feel full or satisfied and if you have high calorie liquids such as juices, shakes, or flavored drinks, you can take in a lot of calories without feeling full. Also, liquids can flush food through the Band so many doctors will recommend that you don’t drink while eating, because by flushing the food through the band you may feel more hungry.

The most important thing to remember is that the gastric band is designed to help you lose weight by feeling full with smaller amounts of solids food. It is not supposed to stop you from eating or get you so tight that you can’t eat more than a few bites. Since your stomach opening is smaller you do need to change the way you eat and follow the following advice:

Chew your food thoroughly and slowly.
Certain “chewy” foods may present a problem such as dry meat, or white bread.
Since you’re eating less at each meal, make sure you start off each meal with protein sources.
Stop eating when you are no longer hungry, don’t keep eating until you are full!

Dumping syndrome, malnutrition, and malabsorption

These are problems seen with the gastric bypass, NOT with gastric banding. Remember, with the gastric band surgery, the gastrointestinal tract is not altered. So the food that you eat is absorbed normally and you don’t end up with problems seen with the gastric bypass such as dumping syndrome, malabsorption of iron and other minerals, and potential long term malnutrition problems. Now you know more about Texas lap band surgery failure!

May 28 2010

Choosing the top London 18th birthday party venue for the client’s 18th birthday

Beyond the self evident, position, cost, range of facilities, availability what needs to be next on the client’s 18th birthday party venues in London to do list

Next search for a London 18th birthday party venue with wonderful know-how, recommendations and customer back list.

When examining the London 18th birthday party venue’s experience ensure that it is contemporary and applicable to the 18th birthday bash you as the buyer want to host eg cocktail making for thirty stags.

Plus check if the nightclubs allows entry to under eighteen’s

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May 25 2010

Buying Gents Divers Watches, The Facts!

Divers watches that have become so very popular and found in pretty much all watch makers range are not always suitable for what their name would indicate!

You ought to check before going out and buying labelled a divers watch, there are some you could wear for shallow water diving but most would be suitable only for surface watersports and then there might be restrictions, but for many people that isn’t a problem anyway.

People usually choose a watch besides needing something to give them the time is the appearance, in the category of divers watches there are some good looking rugged designs. If you want to see an example of a great looking watch at not much money have a look at the Casio Men’s Sea Analog Illuminator Dual LED Dive Watch, the specification is good and could be mistaken for the very much more expensive and very desirable Omega Seamaster, made famous in the James Bond movies.

Serious divers will want a watch that is purpose designed and meets standards that jewelry watches don’t have to meet, the life and health of these divers needs very reliable timekeeping and once seen the jewelry item divers watch is clearly nothing like the purpose built divers watch.

A water resistant figure of 100m might be ok for fishing, sailing or swimming, but look for a figure of 200m for marine work or more serious water sports, but for diving 200m is not enough, you should be looking for a watch water resistant to 1000m!

Water resistant figures quoted for divers watches and others can cause confusion if it is not realised they are laboratory test figures, which then give you a guide to their suitability for certain activities, not a depth that they can safely be used at!

For great looking divers watches including the one mentioned above along with a guide on water resistant figures you can see it here at Gents Watches, thank you.


May 24 2010

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