Continental Tires Are Chosen for Their Outstanding Safety and Performance Features

1 September, 2016

Hanover, Germany is the birthplace for the Continental Company, founded in October of 1871 to begin production of wheels for carriages, bicycles, and horse pads; some years later in 1921, air was fabricated to be inflated inside Continental tires, the first ever of their kind, and proved to make a longer lasting, more comfortable wheel. Soon, Continental was supplying all of Germany, with only a nine percent margin for other businesses to share in the tire market- the company used their success to promote international sales in the 1970′s and 1980′s, getting into the United States in 1987 and spanning the globe ever since, with operations in forty-six various countries. Continental still remains the number one tire company in Germany, second in Europe, and fourth globally, manufacturing over ninety million passenger vehicle tires and six million commercial tires yearly.

Continental is a company, full of passionate and determined engineers bound to remain in their top statuses throughout the world. As the economy of the world has more than depreciated in the last few years, the truck tire market was in desperate need of assistance; retread was one growing option, cheaper for buyers but hesitant for Continental to enter due to quality concerns. Knowing they revolutionized the tire business once before with the idea of air inflation, they began working to offer customers the same features and characteristics of a tire fresh off the line and were milestones ahead of the rivalry before they joined the bandwagon- it is known today as the ContiLifeCycle.

Continental tires are affordably priced with exuberant traits and are also available for purchase not just from the company but through certified dealers as well. This is definitely an convenient option, considering there are only six locations throughout the Americas, two of which are in the U.S.. Many such dealers tender these superior tires for discounted rates and can ship tires to any destination- many firms also have partner companies that will mount and balance these tires and it is no extra cost to have them shipped directly to these shops. Interested customers must remember that studying all warranties is an important task, as both dealership and manufacturer can offer excellent coverage for hard times.

Virtually every make and model of car is supported by a Continental tire, embracing SUV’s, cars, and trucks. Vehicles used for commercial vocations, buses, and tractor-trailers are also automobiles that are backed. Each are designed with different attributes, many combining several features into one, such as comfort, improved gas mileage, reduced noise pollution, and larger tread for longevity and traction.

Pick up the phone or go online now to determine which of the Continental tires are best for you. Products have been reevaluated and perfected by this enterprise to present the consumer with the best tire possible, as proven in many consumer reports, for one illustration where the Continental ProContact Ecoplus is currently one of the top consumer rated tires. Discovering the idyllic tire is quick and easy thanks to the sundry of options at the consumers whims.

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