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22 November, 2015

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I will reveal a simple
step-by-step strategy that will show you how you can go to court reporting
school and get FREE court reporter
quickly land
the court reporter job you want, and make a court reporter salary of up to $100,000 or more!

From:  Scott Memmott


Listen to a brief message from the Author:

Re: How to make
a court reporter salary of up to
$100,000 or more!

Court Reporter Job Seeker,                                                               

If you
would like to quickly and easily find a lucrative court reporter job in
California, New York, or anywhere in between and make a court reporter
salary of $60,000 to $100,000 or more,
then this may be
the most important letter you will ever read!

You are
about to discover a goldmine of little known insider secrets that can help you get
paid, during your court reporter training, find a court reporter job quickly, and skyrocket your
income once you are established.  Your friends and associates will be
green with envy.  A court reporter job offers the kind of benefits
everyone wants, but few enjoy.  Now all these advantages can be

High Income – The average court
reporter makes more than $60,000 a year and many skilled court reporters
earn over $100,000 a year.
Flexibility – You can be self
employed, work in a court reporting agency, or work for the county, state or
federal court systems.
Independence – You can be your
own boss and set your own hours.  You can work as much or as little as you
– You can find a court reporter job no matter where you choose to live.
Earn While You Learn – You can
work as a medical transcriptionist, in a rapid data-entry position, or
even continue to work in your current field, at the same time you are
completing your court reporter training.
No Degree Required
– A court reporter job does not require a college degree or even
college attendance.  In fact, you can even complete your court
reporter training at home.

Minutes from now you can be armed with a
treasure trove of indispensable information that will help you find
scholarships and FREE grants, land the court reporter job of your dreams, and expand your
income.  This
information is priceless.

“Excellent guide for
students just beginning their career and experienced reporters alike. 
An invaluable resource that presents your career options in front of
you, describing the pros and cons of each field.  This tool will
help you as a reporter to shape your career and help price your
services competitively.  A must for all students!

Michael L. Smith


Are you just beginning to think about
a career in court reporting?
Are you wondering where to start?

“I wish I had a
guide like this, when I began my court reporting career, more than 25
years ago.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a comprehensive
handbook full of “insider” information
for court reporters.  I will definitely recommend your eBook to my students and
colleagues alike.”

Steve Alpert


Are you already enrolled in a
court reporter training program?
Do you need some FREE guidance?
Would you like to save a truck
load of money and buy your
court reporting equipment, software and supply materials at deep discounts?

“Your e-Book was an
outstanding resource
for me.  Each heading was extremely
useful and I was able to purchase the steno machine I needed, after
reviewing the sources you presented.  Many thanks for the
thorough review of all I needed to know.  I am now building up my
speed to enter the Freelance Deposition field.  I was also able
to connect with a mentor through your e-Book, so thanks again!”

Sally Armiger

Court Reporting Student

Have you already finished your
court reporter training?
Would you like to land a job,
with a high-paying
court reporter salary fast?

Job Hunting Tips and Guidelines (too
many to list here) that will give you an “unfair” advantage over 99% of all the
other people looking for a court reporter job.
The secrets to creating a magnetic cover letter and resume that
will skyrocket your application to the top of the pile!
Resume and cover letter samples embedded
with hypnotic keywords that will have employers begging you to work for
More than 400 “power
you can use in your resume
and cover letter that will literally make your accomplishments jump off the
Hundreds of employment resources, including resume writing services,
interview questions and answers, a FREE personality profile, job search
networks, and much more!
Career options and
job opportunities outside the legal industry, including working with the
hearing impaired, as a medical transcriptionist, in closed captioning, open
captioning, and many other money-making opportunities for court reporters.
Get access to a database of court
reporting agencies
, with complete contact information, all over the United States, Canada and the world.
Do you want to travel?  How
would you like to live and work in London or Hong Kong?  Learn who to
contact… it’s easy!


“Your e-book
helped me to find a great school
for court reporting.  Now,
since I have the book on file, I’ve decided to take it step by step. 
For example, I’ve found the school, next I’ll read how to prepare
while I’m in school.  I’m so glad I found the book on the web. 
After going through several search engines, I couldn’t find anything
on court reporting.  Your e-book is very informative
Thanks for writing it.”

Kristy Perez

Court Reporter

Are you already working as a court reporter?
Would you like to explode your
court reporter salary?

Learn insider secrets that will show you how
to build client loyalty and expand your business.
Learn innovative ways to
promote yourself and market your court reporter business.
Learn the secrets of easily identifying the
right price for your court reporting services.
Get the scoop on marketing strategies that
, ways to stand out from the competition, how to “brand” yourself,
and how to make more money by giving things away!
Get hundreds of interactive links to court reporting resources
that will save you countless hours searching the internet (Captioning, Case
Law & Cases, CAT Software, Computers, Agencies, Associations, Software,
Supplies, Government, Grammar, Law Enforcement, Legal, Medical, Real-Time
Resources, Scopists, Steno Briefs, Tax, and much more)!
Get a comprehensive cross-linked glossary of court reporting terms,
right at your finger tips.
Learn where you can buy your court reporting supply
materials at
rock bottom prices
Learn how to manage your
court reporter business and make it run smoothly with
court reporting software.

“I found the e-book
very comprehensive.  My reason for acquiring it was part
of my “discovery” of whether to proceed with CR training.  Keep
up the good work!”

Debra W.


Compare the requirements of the employer to your personal qualities and expertise and show your strong sides. Know your weaknesses and be able to show willingness

It could easily take you months of intense
effort searching the internet to assemble such an extensive database of vital information
like this.  Even then, it would probably take you more than a year of
painstaking trial and error experimentation to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  Now, the
keys to launching your career in record time and making as much money as you
want in a court reporting job can be yours immediately.

All this information has been compiled
and professionally organized into the most comprehensive electronic resource
for court reporters available anywhere.  You can download it onto
your own computer and begin benefiting from it, within the next two minutes.

Start or Expand a Business! $51,206 to go Back to School ! $9,899 to Fix Up Your Home ! $6,769 to Train for a New Job ! Then a Private

No matter your current situation, this information can
provide you with everything you need to find a top-paying court reporting job
and make the kind of court reporter salary you deserve.  What kind of price tag would
you put on something that can easily help you make up to $100,000 a year or
  How much would it be worth to have such an incredible collection of tools and strategies that took literally months of
careful work to assemble?

You’ll discover the first steps to getting started PLUS how to get your hands on over $300 worth of free gifts YES, please send my Gifts & Mini-Course, It may sound corny, but I offer you a sincere, heart-felt �thank you�. What comes around goes around�you�re making good

You are not going to believe this, but you
can have it all for less than the cost of a nice dinner for two and a movie. 
For a one-time investment of only $49.95
(limited introductory price of only $29.95)
, it can all be yours by
ordering right now.

If you consider the fact that you will be able to make
back this modest investment in as little as one day (or, more likely, one
hour) by using just one of the many insider techniques, strategies,
resources and tips revealed in this amazing eBook, I’m sure you will agree this is an
incredible bargain!

FREE Bonus, If You Act Now!

I want to make it so easy for you to say
�Yes� to this opportunity that passing it up would be unthinkable. 
This incredible e-Book can be the key that will unlock the door to all the benefits of a rewarding court reporting job,
and the financial freedom that goes along with a high-paying court reporter
salary.  I don�t want you to have any reason to
pass up this opportunity and cheat yourself out of all the benefits that can
be yours by ordering right now. 
That is why I am going to �sweeten the pot� even more and make you an offer
that will literally cost you money if you don�t jump on it today.

If you place your order by midnight
today, , I am going to include, at no additional cost, a blockbuster bonus,
worth several hundred dollars.

Bonus =
FREE Lifetime Updates!

This e-Book is a
completely interactive resource.  It contains internet links that will take you
directly to each of the invaluable tools and resources revealed inside.  These links are updated regularly. 
Your one-time purchase, will entitle you to any and all updates forever,
but only if you order by midnight today, .

100% Unconditional

90 Day Money-Back

I insist that you
order this incredible e-Book entirely at my risk.  That�s why it comes
with a simple 100% risk-free, no questions asked, no hassle 90 day
money-back satisfaction guarantee!  If, for any reason whatsoever, or no
reason at all, you decide this fantastic e-Book is not 100% better than
, just let me know and I�ll buy it back from you for every
penny you paid.  There is absolutely NO RISK to you, when you
order right now!

How can I offer such
an amazingly Powerful 100% Risk-Free Guarantee?  It�s simple,
really.  Once you get a copy of this amazing e-Book in your hands and
begin to experience it�s full potential, I know I couldn�t pry it loose from
you with a

So, go ahead and
order today.  You get a full 90 days to put it to the test, with all the
risk on me.  Try out the unique guidelines, resources, tools, tips,
strategies, formulas and insider know-how for yourself.  Find out
where to get FREE
grants, find the job you want, and skyrocket your current court reporter
salary beginning

Completely Risk Free!

I can’t urge you enough
to just order this fantastic e-Book now and begin enjoying all the benefits
your deserve.  You will be surprised at how easy it is, once you have
the the tools right at your finger tips.  This incredible e-Book will provide
you with everything you need to start immediately!

Look at it this way. 
$49.95(limited introductory price
of only $29.95)
is really just a drop in the bucket compared to the
money and time you will save and make by using this invaluable resource. 
And, don’t forget, by ordering by midnight
today, , you will also receive FREE lifetime updates!

To place your completely
order now, via our secure server and immediately download your own
copy of The Court Reporter Job Guide, just click on
the link below.


Download Your Copy NOW and Get Instant Access!

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00 a.m. in the morning!

Yours for success,

Scott D. Memmott

Scott D. Memmott

P.S.  I don�t
know how
long I can offer the FREE Lifetime Updates.  If you want to ensure
you get FREE Lifetime Updates, you need to
order today!

P.P.S.  The
introductory price of just $29.95 is very limited. 
Once the word gets out, I intend to raise the price to $49.95 (or more), so if
you want to save at least $20, you must
order today!  The price could go up tomorrow.

Remember, you have nothing to lose.  All the risk is on my shoulders. 
If you decide The Court Reporter Job Guide is not worth
every penny you paid, just let me know and I will give you a refund faster
than you can say �Stenograph.�  It�s that simple!

Act now!  Your
satisfaction is guaranteed! 
Click Here to Order Now!

Still not sure? 
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