Crock Pots Can Be Used To Create Loads of Tasty Dishes Craigs

16 June, 2011

Like a lot of people, you probably have crock pots in your kitchen that has been gathering dust. It’s time to put it to good use! Here are some suggestions for delectable dishes that you can make with it.

Making Chili

Never have I tasted chili as delicious as that which comes out of a crock pot. Buy a pound or two of ground beef and fry it up in the bottom of the crock pot instead of using a pan, then you can be sure all the juices will be a part of your chili. This really adds flavor since the rest of your favorite chili ingredients soak it all up.

Making Shredded Pork

Making Spaghetti and Pasta

The sauce is actually the best to cook in the crock pot. You should boil the pasta in another pot on the stove as usual. But either while the pasta is boiling or before, you can get the sauce ready.

Cook the ground beef in the crock pot and then add the tomato sauce or pasta sauce that you have already made. You might also want to add some other ingredients into the mix like olives, stewed tomatoes, and spices. All make great additions to pasta sauce. Make sure you drain the pasta before you add it to the sauce and stir it around until it’s nice and warm.

Cooking Chorizo

Chorizo is a quick and easy dish to prepare for a hearty breakfast. Buy yourself some pork chorizo from the store and toss it in the bottom of the crock pot. Mix in some eggs as well, and let them cook together. The crock pot will help the eggs and chorizo blend to form a delicious mix. Once the eggs and chorizo are cooked, sprinkle some shredded cheese over the top and cover it up to let the cheese melt. Enjoy with flour tortillas whenever you’re ready.

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