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23 August, 2014

Summer is here and the music festival season across Europe has begun. Tickets in hand, you are all set to have a fantastic experience. However, don’t let poor preparation on your part ruin the entire experience. Here are some tips to make it an even more fabulous experience.
1) Book your tickets early: Everyone knows to make sure that they buy their festival tickets early, but also make sure that you have bought the tickets to the event from reputable and primary ticket agency otherwise your festival experience will end before its begun! When buying tickets sort out your mode of travel as well so you know how you are getting to the event, otherwise you could end up paying over the odds for your train or plane ticket.
2) Camping: Investing in a double skin tent will help in keeping you warm & dry, a useful feature with the unpredictable weather in the UK and Europe.
3) Pack carefully: You don’t want to take valuables or many clothes to the festivals, but make sure you take some clothes to protect you from any rain, just in case, and some sun block in case the sun comes out. The toilets at festivals are notorious, so make sure you pack a toilet paper roll & baby wipes or hand sanitizer, essentials to help you keep clean. A cardinal rule being here is to never lend your toilet paper roll as it will never come back.
4) Drink plenty of water: It sounds boring, but do make sure you drink plenty of water while at the festival. If you are out all day in the sun, or drinking lots of alcohol you need to keep your body functioning properly. Keeping your body hydrated can help you feel significantly better after day 1 and help you keep on going for the next few days of the festival, making sure you get the most out of your festival experience.
5) Last but not least, keep your money safe from thieves: With thousands of people descending on each festival, there will be someone looking to make a quick and easy buck. Carry your valuables, car keys, cash & camera with you, or keep them well hidden. If you are travelling abroad taking a currency card is a useful alternative to your UK bank cards or cash. Carrying too much cash is always risky, people will see the money when you make purchases opening yourself up to thieves. If you are robbed then losing your UK bank cards can be such an issue as you are without bank cards for days, whereas if you take a currency card you can load up the required amount onto your card, allowing you to control your budget, and you are protected with CHIP and PIN. If your currency card is stolen, you can are still protected from any fraudulent transactions but it is not as inconvenient as cancelling your UK cards. It’s also cheaper to use these cards than a UK bank card when abroad, so you’ll save money while partying!

So this festival season prepare and then enjoy live music, getting drunk in fields and mud diving!

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