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22 April, 2012

Medieval Renaissance Clothing and the Birth of Fashion
The period of Medieval Renaissance clothing took place from 1200 to 1550. In the beginning of this period, clothing for both men and women was simple and unsophisticated with long tunic-style garments made of wool worn by both sexes. The tunic worn by men was often belted and worn with a cape or mantle over-garment while women always wore floor-length gowns similar to men’s tunics but with tighter sleeves.
Men wore hats or hoods and married women covered their heads with linen veils or with head pieces known as wimples but the young, unmarried women wore their long hair loose. Both men and women continued to wear long hose and pointed leather shoes.
Beginning in the 14th century, there was more variety and experimentation in Medieval Renaissance clothing. An increase in international trade brought a wider selection of textiles to the West and a new class of wealthy tradesmen was emerging. Many historians see this period as the beginning of modern fashion when clothing was cut and sewn to emphasize the shape of the body, while buttons and lacing provided a tighter fit. Noblemen were the first to challenge the old style and began to wear shorter garments, eventually arriving at the silhouette of a short hip-length doublet and tight hose.
Women, however, continued to wear long gown-style dresses, but they were long-waisted, fitted to the hips and then flaring out, with long hanging sleeves. Eventually women began to wear their hair uncovered with their long hair twisted into a bun at the nape of their neck or wrapped around their head. Only older women, widows and nuns continued to wear the wimple and veil.
It was in the 15th century when Medieval Renaissance clothing really came into vogue. People had more money to spend on things like clothing and they wanted to be able to follow the latest fashion trends that the nobility of the day set in place. The basic clothing styles remained pretty much the same, men wearing doublets and hose, while women wore long gowns, but fabrics became more extravagant and garments were made in much more detail.
Most women during this period wore a long gown over an undergown with the undergown some times revealed at the neck or through a split in the skirt. The long-waisted gowns of the previous century were no longer in fashion and now gowns were high-waisted and full. Elaborate head dresses were worn by married women in some European countries, although in warmer countries such as Italy, the uncovered twisted hair continued to be popular.
Wool continued to be a popular fabric because of its warmth and ready availability, and was woven into a variety of fabrics including velvet and broadcloth and dyed in rich shades of red, gold, green and blue. While wool was very popular with the lower classes, silk brocade, silk velvet and a variety of other silk fabrics were used for medieval renaissance clothing by nobility. A process called slashing became quite popular, whereby slits were cut into a garment to reveal brighter colors underneath or richer lining fabric.

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October 31 2010

Within the NHS circles the tablet PC appears like a likely hit, as the Tablet PC growth show from the increasing volume of Tablet PCs sold to the industry.

Independant Tablet PC suppliers have Apple to thank for because the company was increasing curiosity in tablet computers, it has insatiated the appetite from business users however it was unable to deliver due to its software limitations.

Numerous medical workers like working with the Tablet PC because of its minimised volume that is preferred for numerous data entry and research tasks which do not require the use of a key input.

The benefits of the Tablet PC should make it an ideal challenger to dethrone the normal PC

October 31 2010

Do you know anybody that has gone out and decided to buy their dream settee only to find that it will not fit in the living room? Ever had to squeeze past furniture because it was just too big? Confused about sketching areas to scale to make sure your layout works? Its okay, I will give you with a little bit of home interiors advice that will solve this problem.

OK, we are not all expert in drawing room layouts on AutoCAD or even on paper ! but there is a solution. I understand that this may possibly sound a little silly but not as silly as spending a small fortune on an item that doesn’t fit.

Before you actually hand over any cash, get the dimensions of the furntiure you want to buy. For each item measure out the length by width of the item on the floor where you want to place it. Take some old newspaper or cardboard or whatever you can find, fill in the space that you have measured out for your furniture. Now just see if you can easily walk around the furnitiure, to make sure you have enough space. As soon as you are happy that the furniture is a good fit, you can go right ahead and order it!!

October 30 2010

Have you ever had a few lines from a song stuck in your head? Or try to sing your favorite song but couldn’t You can find just about any song lyrics you want online. The words to any song are available for you to search and read.

Using this service you can easily practice songs for presentation, show or karaoke Any way you look at it, you’ll need to know exactly what the words to a song are.

Many people are surprised when they finally get to read the lines to the song they are interested in. With the music distracting you, it’s not easy to always understand what artist saying in a song. Especially when we listening hard rock or heavy metal.

Song lyrics can be used in many ways. Apart from just learning a song or wanting to perform it, you might want to use the lyrics for something in particular. We can use as a quotes on our status in social network sites as facebook or friendster. Our status can be easy to remember especially when it’s a lyrics song.

October 29 2010

Slimming supplements are a usually used by humans who are determined to lose fat. Weight loss patches have become especially popular with a wide spectrum of the population. For example weight loss patches are used by certified bodybuilders to assist them prepare for a competiton.

They may also be taken by women who are just searching to get rid of a small amount of fat before they get married.

Whatever the use of slimming patches, one thing is for sure, it is enormous business and there a great number of businesses who are making a lot of bank supplying Weight Loss Advice. You might be surprised at the huge variety of weight loss supplements that you can purchase. As noted they are largely designed to help people get thin. While they should permanently be used in conjunction with a frequent workout programme and healthy eating regime.

October 28 2010

You can purchase an audio book in a couple of completely unique variations, unabridged and abridged. Even while the abridged version takes considerably less time to complete your audio book, based on listeners comments, the overwhelming favorite choice is for the unabridged versions. Those who have tried abridged versions usually report that they are disturbed with the feeling that they are not getting all the essential information that may have been available in the unabridged version and feel they have missed something promising. Without a doubt, the bulk of sales and rentals in the audio book industry are in favor of the unabridged version.

By industry standards, the average audio book runtime is just under 4.5 hours. You don’t need to get stuck listening to a voice that irritates you for that amount of time. Do yourself a big favor and check out the “Listening Sample” if available first to see if the narrator’s voice is a good fit for you. In most cases they featurealternative versions armed with various sorts of narrators. Because you as the customer count on it, audio book editors now include this. Everybody is different and they need to provide alternate options that give benefit to outside of one.

If you are new to audio books, this may be obvious but, attempt to avoid procure a title from some obscure category. First do what others do and go where most others go which is in the fiction, children’s stories, or business arena. They are nationally recognized for a reason so it is the highly advisable place to start. The most suitable choice are audio books that have recently won an award. There will be a lot of information and reviews available online about the audio book so you can make an informed selection.

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October 27 2010

You can’t blame people to look for their dream home. There are so many possibilities to consider. Does the new neighborhood fit in with the lifestyle of you and your family? Are there schools, sports facilities and shopping centers in the immediate neigborhood?
And, most importantly: how about the dream house itself? These kinds of questions are logical when you want to buy a dream home. Take care you never lose your lifetime dream: to buy the ideal home. It might well be that you will never get an other offer any more.

October 26 2010

When you ask a colonic hydrotherapist which kind of colon hydrotherapy hardware she uses, you may frequently hear the reply, the closed system, hands down. In colon blow, there are two first kinds of clobber : the closed system and the open system.

The closed system is one that’s operated by a talented colonic hydrotherapist and involves the use of a rounded speculum that is inserted into the colon after lubricating by the hydrotherapist. The curved speculum is FDA-approved. During the colon hydrotherapy session, the hydrotherapist monitors the pressure registered inside the gut by the machine via a pressure gauge.

for instance, if the pressure is less than 10 pounds per square in., the pressure is fine and the individual can most likely take in the water fill which will start the cleansing process. Once the pressure goes past ten psi, the pressure is too great and typically indicates that there is gas within the colon. In this case, the solution is to delay until the gas is relieved and the pressure falls to a lower level. Only at that time can the water fill begin. Gas can actually be noted as ripples in the good flow of water through the observation tube that the customer and the colonic hydrotherapist can watch.

October 25 2010

Some people feel that they do this out of compulsion, but this is not always true.One of the interesting features of these is that they are quite useful and fairly easy to handle.There are many variations of this as you can put it under your shorts, over it, over your pants and sometimes wrap only a portion of your leg. The fact that women’s shawls can be worn in various ways makes them a great a way to surprise the people around you by changing your appearance without changing your attire. If you are wearing a women’s shawl, it may not be a very good idea to wear another head piece because that may make you look overdressed. The range of designs available through these stores is vast and all you have to do is choose the design that catches your eye.Even people who are not very familiar with this form of garment may choose the ones that they wish to wear without worrying too much about the quality of the product because good stores maintain high standards of quality.Because of this, children and other fans have picked up on the trend and tried to imitate the fashion sense of their idols.

Among the most popular designs are printed, and can be floral, paisley, art deco, or monochromatic colors.and you should be able to pull off the look. Pick up a couple and you’ll see what we mean. A chip on his shoulder. With many hundreds of shawls, scarves and fashion accessories at great prices. By using brooches, you won’t look bunched up but drape them with style.Everyday there are picture blogs of fashionably daring people and it would not hurt to draw inspiration from them.

That is the magic of these shawl pins. It is quite simple to follow. Pashmina evening shawls are Women’s Silk Scarf and Scarves chic, stylish and great looking. Pin on both sides of head just near the area where your brow line ends. Let us see how to pin a shawl in some other beautiful ways to give you different looks for different occasions.

Shawls are one of biggest trends in the fashion industry.

Use a pin to keep the ends secure. The only thing is to use shawl pins to look elegant and secure the ends of the shawl. However, when you are inside your home or the room, you can casually drape your shawl. How to tie a shawl! Knowing how to accessorize and be creative with your fashion style used to be an activity that was limited by your own imagination.

Wrapping it around your neck and maybe tying it up in a knot are the more commonly known way of wrapping a shawl. In a way, the effect makes it seem like you have a sleeve patterned after the design of your shawl. Whenever female journalists go to Islamic countries, they come back with these eye-catching accessories. Bowels of the earth. The easiest way to wear these is to drape them around the shoulders. In such cases it is advisable to get someone else to drape the shawl. The range of designs available through these stores is vast and all you have to do is choose the design that catches your eye.Even people who are not very familiar with this form of garment may choose the ones that they wish to wear without worrying too much about the quality of the product because good stores maintain high standards of quality.Because of this, children and other fans have picked up on the trend and tried to imitate the fashion sense of their idols.

Apart from women’s shawls, you will also find kurtis, ethnic wear for men, women, and children in these online stores. But,from recorded history, it started with ancient India, when people in Kashmir started making fine fabric from goat’s wool or fleece, and used them as body wraps. The Tibetan goat is known to have the finest fleece among goat species.

but nothing compared to the sleek elegance of pashmina.It drapes gently, giving the elegant touch and suave silhouette, irresistible glow and comforting warmth in its sheer thin fabric.Usually, girls use this when on the beach. Moreover, patterns and adornment on the fabric made them even more desirable. Modern times have made weaving easier and faste and competition with other modern fabrics and worldwide markets have made cashmere available in almost every online scarf store. FashionScarvesAndShawls.

The truth is that it will not just make you look gorgeous and graceful but also add volumes to your style and sophistication. Now, you need to place your shawl on your head but make sure to keep one end of it longer than the other one. Wrap the end once around your head and secure it by using the same pin.All you need is the confidence to bring it and you should have no problem. First of all, place your shawl on your head while keeping one end of the shawl longer than the other one.The generation of today is all about expressing your uniqueness so get out there and do it.

One new way of how to wrap a shawl is to get a short one and wrap it around your whole arm.Pashmina shawls come in various styles depending on the kind of quality and price range you are looking for. A chip off the old block. Often you will see break dancing performers sporting this look as it is very eye catching.

October 24 2010

Vanishing Card Trick: Ever tried to make something vanish and failed? Try this magic card trick to make a card vanish.
For this trick, you need a hemmed handkerchief, a toothpick and a deck of cards.
Take a toothpick and carve it, so that it matches the width of a playing card. The excess of the toothpick can be removed using a pair of scissors or a penknife.
Insert this toothpick into the hem of the handkerchief.
Fan out the deck of cards on a table. Lay the handkerchief on top of the deck. Make sure that the part of the handkerchief with the toothpick, is near you.
Now hold the toothpick, between your fingers and say something like “I am going to make this card invisible…” This, will give the illusion, that you are holding a card.
Shake the handkerchief a bit and pull. Open the handkerchief and show it to the audience.

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October 23 2010

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