Day Trading or Swing Trading What Is Better and More Profitable Magic Money Tips

9 September, 2015



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Day trading is often depicted in a glamorous manner in the trading literature. Do you know this that day trading is stressful and day traders are often referred to as the kings of stress. Now I am not saying that day trading is something you should avoid. There are people who are masters of day trading and this trading style suits their personality.

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However, in my opinion swing trading is a much better option. In day trading you have to sit in front of your computer terminal watching the different charts and waiting for the trading signals. You can do that for a few days but after that fatigue and stress will overtake you especially if you have been making losing trades.

Day traders are looking for short term trends that may not last more than 24 hours but sometimes as a day trader if at the end of the day you have a profitable position and you feel that you should keep your trade open for a few more days you decide to carry it forward to the next few days.

In Swing Trading, you only need to take a look at your trade for 10-15 minutes a day anytime of the day that suits you. As long as your technical analysis was correct, your trade will work. So you have much more freedom in swing trading specially for those who do a regular job and trade as well.

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