Dedicated Web Hosting and Its Advantages

27 July, 2016

What are the reasons for the large popularity of the dedicated web hosting? If you look at the costs involved, generally in the range of $200-$1500 each month, you might think, is it really worth the amount?

When a user rents a single web server, he has a dedicated web hosting. A really dedicated web hosting is possible only on dedicated web server that is rented to one single customer. This type of hosting is ideal for all those businesses that get high internet traffic. The entire functionality of your site and various applications required for its efficient operation will be under your direct control in the dedicated web hosting.

There are several advantages of dedicated web hosting, we are discussing few of them below:

1. Your web hosting company handles the maintenance, security and assured uptime of your dedicated web server. It’s similar to renting a computer, where you are not bothered about its maintenance part. This reduces the maintenance hassles for you and you can concentrate on the growth of your organization. Most of the providers guarantee 100% uptime and even offer compensation in case of extended downtime, wherein they pay back the month’s rental or a small fraction of it depending upon the length of the failure.

2. You can easily set up your dedicated web server for handling the anonymous SSL encryption and FTP as it has a dedicated IP. It will be very difficult for you to set it in case you are availing a shared web hosting.

3. The dedicated web server used for hosting your website can handle huge amounts of traffic as you’re not sharing your server with any other site that may depress the working of your server. With a blazingly fast site, your visitors will enjoy surfing your site. You can easily set an e-commerce site or an online store that offers great shopping experience to your world wide customers.

4. In shared web hosting, you have a bandwidth limit and in case you go beyond that limit, you are billed extra for that time period. This is not so in dedicated web hosting as you can go on and on without worrying for any extra bandwidth charges.

The cost of maintaining and administering the dedicated web server will depend upon the provider and users can choose between “managed” and “unmanaged” plans. In case, you’re not experienced in handling the servers, you can go for the managed plans as this frees you from maintenance hassles and you can concentrate on expanding your business.

The users of dedicated web hosting can reap benefits of this hosting solution in the form of increased sales, much better customer service, better organization image and reduction in the cost as compared to in-house web hosting.

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