Delicious Home Made Cookies for Chinese New Year

23 August, 2016

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Do you find it hard to get into the Chinese New Year mood? Or do you find yourself put off by the high prices of things out there as you head out to do your Chinese New Year shopping?

Well, to get everyone into the Chinese New Year mood this year whilst doing something enjoyable, instead of spring cleaning, why not gather the family to make your own Chinese New Year cookies? It is a fun and delicious way to save some money this Chinese New Year! Read how you can instill some Chinese New Year family tradition below.

Home Made Cookie Recipes

There are lots of recipes for delicious home-made cookies online but it will be even more fun if you dig through your mom’s or grandmother’s treasured cookie recipes for that superb melt in the mouth kueh bangkit or that buttery sweet pineapple tart. 

Chinese New Year Family Traditions

Start making this into a little family tradition. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and a fun way to inject the Chinese New Year mood. The family will have a wonderful time chatting as they fill the house with delicious smells of baking and reliving a tiny part of their family history. 

Healthy Cookies

Home made cookies are definitely healthier than those you purchase as you will not compromise on quality ingredients. Even store-bought cookies that claim to be “home made” may not be what they seem as they often need to be stored for a certain period of time on the shelves and hence may contain preservatives and chemicals. So, bake some love into your cookies this Chinese New Year. Your family will love them!

So, let’s save a little bit of money this Chinese New Year and set aside some baking time this weekend. Anyone who would like to share some delicious cookie recipes here are welcome to do so!

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