Do You Think Youre Putting Off Your Eye Test As a Result of Cost

3 October, 2015

The cost of an eye test needn’t be a barrier to care. You might be entitled to a free NHS eye exam.

* lf you happen to be younger than sixteen or bloew 19 plus still in school

* If you might be about sixty or about forty if one of your parents has glaucoma

* If you personaly have glaucoma or diabetes, or have been told you’re at an increased risk by an optician

* If you obtain income help

There are other circumstances, as well, in which you might be entitled to a free NHS eye exam. If you’re uncertain, it’s worth checking your eligibility. Alternatively you can check your eye sight online using one of the many online eye tests that are available, of course these are no substitute for a qualified optometrist checking your eye health but it may tell you if you need an eye test.

And if you are eligable to such an exam, allow your optician know, and you’ll be given a form GOS1 to complete.

Your employer might also pay for an eye test to suit your needs. The Health and safety Rules Act 1992 spells out the exact circumstances to which an employer is necessary to purchase an eye examination for his personnel. As an example, in case your career needs you to invest long periods of time focusing on a computer, your employer really should cover the cost of your eye tests. And if you do spend long periods of time on a computer then checking the online eye test tools that are available should only take five minutes.

Your employer isn’t required to provide you with payment for an eye test, it’s your duty to request an eye test and ask your employer to pay for it. Inside a huge business, it’d usual to pay a visit to to the Human Assets division. In the firm that does not provide an HR division, just ask your boss.

If your eye test will probably be an up front expense to suit your needs, the question will become basic: would it be worth it? An eye examination usually sets you back 15-30, or a pound or two monthly. Here’s what an eye test can perform in your case:

* Catch eye diseases such as glaucoma which can have no early signs or symptoms.

* Identify early warning signs of other health problems, including neurological disorders and high blood pressure.

* Determine a want for modifications in prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses. Gradual changes in vision can creep up on you, and before long your vision may be poor enough to impact your driving.

In general, the cost of an eye test is worthwhile, even if you have to pay for it yourself.

Looking to find the best deals on eye tests, try our online eye testat Optician Eye Tests for free to see if you need get your eyes tested or not.

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