Do Your Own Debt Consolidaton and Save

19 July, 2017

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Today Americans are under $2 trillion in debt other than mortgages. Credit cards account for almost $800 billion alone; or $9000 for each household, throwing away over $1100 in interest each year. And these numbers keep rising (data from CardWeb.com, 8/2004).

Ever wonder what it would be like to actually keep your paycheck?

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You can create a plan to pay off all your debts easily, sooner than you think, and without the hassle, embarrassment, or cost of debt consolidation or credit counseling. In just a few minutes, you can know when your bills will be paid off, take control of your financial freedom, and not fear bankruptcy!

If you�re feeling overwhelmed by debt, you have several choices (although it may not feel like it!):

  1. keep paying the minimums, hoping that it will all go away �someday�;
    • Many credits cards now have minimum payments so low, it will take over 50 years to pay them off, even if you never touch them again!
  2. pay more, but where will that money come from?
  3. get a debt consolidation loan, but only if you have good credit and collateral
    • Think about this: you’re just paying for one debt with another; it doesn’t really change your situation, and you could end up paying 20-30 years for what you can finish in 4 years or less!
  4. use a debt consolidation service, but only if you qualify and are willing to pay the two extra “convenience costs”:
    • they charge up-front and/or monthly fees on top of your bills (even not-for-profits have to pay employees, office expenses, advertising, etc);
    • you still have the responsibility, but not the control, to pay your bills on time (some companies have a history of missing payments or paying late, but it�s your credit that gets hurt!)
  5. declare bankruptcy and deal with the repercussions for 7-10 years, but only if you qualify, and it�s getting harder to qualify
  6. a brand-new option: Create your own debt consolidation plan!

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Creating your own debt consolidation plan is fast, easy, requires no qualifications or discussions with anyone, and does not impact your public record in any way. But following the plan can have a huge positive impact on your life! By accelerating your payoffs without spending any more money, you can have freedom, control and relief like you haven’t felt since before you started making payments.

Using Plan Your Freedom, most people have found they will be totally free of consumer debt in less than 4 years!

Imagine yourself going to your mailbox, sending your payments, but knowing exactly when it will all end!

Next – Find out the biggest secret credit cards and lenders don’t want you to know!

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Find your best payoff plan, and your path to financial freedom!

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