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6 February, 2014

For those who own a pet dog, you no doubt know there are significant bills involved. You pay for the expense of food, veterinarian fees, boarding costs if you travel, as well as other items like playthings and grooming gadgets. You may also have a dog health care insurance plan to help cover expense of managing serious illness, but it is essential to have a insurance policy that defends you and your pet in the case of a biting event. Some home insurance plans contain the liability for family dog attacks, however you should research before you buy to ensure that you are well insured.

Just how critical is getting a plan to cover the liability when anyone is bitten and wounded? It’s estimated that close to 5 million folks in the USA suffer from a dog attack annually. Not all of those seriously injured are bitten by strange stray dogs, either – frequently the sorry victim is a good friend or relative of the canine’s owner. The degrees of brutality will vary, too, and not everyone will document an insurance claim.

USA Today says that canine attacks represent more than a third of the all round liability claims paid out in 2011. With almost $500 million paid out to affected individuals because of this, it comes as no real surprise that pet owners could be anticipated to fork out for higher premiums, which may possibly put you off obtaining the most suitable insurance coverage. This could be dangerous – you may insist your puppy wouldn’t hurt a fly, but are you willing to take chances?

Are canine bites protected under homeowners insurance? It essentially depends upon these aspects:

1) The insurance company. Can the business of your choosing feature dog bite liability inside their plans? If that’s so, for how much cash are you able to insure your pet should it strike? Seek advice from your agent with regards to your options.

2) Your pet. You may well be declined selected insurance policy coverage thanks to your dog’s breed. Pit bulls, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers are some of the breeds that a few insurance providers will never include.

If you confront hurdles in getting insurance coverage due to your dog’s breed or the cost of the premium, please don’t feel frustrated. There are methods you can work toward acquiring the safeguards you require.

1) Register your canine in a certified obedience training program. Taking initiative to train your pet dog so he/she reacts well around people can help your circumstance when you try to find insurance cover. A company may be ready to offer you a insurance plan if you can prove your pet has received the best instruction.

2) Checkout umbrella policies. As the title suggests, “umbrella” insurance is designed to protect a broader selection of liability than provided by other insurance plans. In the event your homeowners insurance does not feature dog bites, your umbrella insurance plan takes over.

Dependent upon the particular canine you have along with other factors, you are able to register for home insurance that insures pet attacks, and shield your dog and house. If you can’t have insurance cover in place, speak with agents and find the appropriate plan for your family.

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