Dollar Store Savings Items Not to Buy

31 March, 2017

Use these awesome money saving tips on your next trip to your local dollar store. Here ae some easy items that you can remove from your next dollar store savings trip. These items are as simple as batteries, the reason for not buying batteries is that most of them are on their last days of being useable. I dont know about you, but when I buy batteries. Only to have to replace them a week later, I am not a happy thrifty money saving tips kinda guy. Find Other Great Money Saving Ideas At Living On A Dime.

Here are some more great things that you can delete from your dollar store savings list.


Toys are a BIG NO NO! When you are on your dollar store savings trip. Most of the Toys at your local Dollar Store are made cheaply and will break very easily. Be sure to stay away from these dollar store savings trip pit falls.  


Kitchen Towles and Oven Mits these are anothe dollar store savings tip that can save you big the oven mits are poorly insulated and burn you.


Another BIG waste of dollar store savings money Paper products most are flimsy and the Towls are moslty cut long causing you to usr more.


Food is another one of those items that you can feel free to remove from your dollar store saving list most of these items are near experation.

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Checkout this video – DOLLAR STORE SAVINGS – WHAT TO BUY

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