Dont Use Google Adwords Until Youve Read These Tips

3 January, 2014

Daniel K. Smith asked:

Google AdWords can quickly become expensive if it is used incorrectly. The following tips will show you how to correctly setup your campaigns. You;ll discover what to do and what to avoid.

1) Use Google’s AdWords Editor to manage your campaigns.

The AdWords Editor is free tool from Google that helps you manage your campaigns. It allows you to make bulk or multiple updates to your campaign. This saves you time and effort when compared to making manual changes online.

2) Disable the Content Network.

Beginners should stay away from the Content Network in Google AdWords. When you are just starting out, disable the content network in your PPC campaigns. Traffic from the content network is lower quality than Google search traffic, because it’s coming from Google AdSense participants who don’t care what quality of traffic they send your website. When you have proven ROI from your website, you can use placement campaigns or regular content network.

3) Set a reasonable daily budget.

You want to throttle your traffic and AdWords spending until you have a proven ROI. When you achieve a good ROI, you can increase the daily budget and increase your traffic. You don’t want to throttle your campaign by bidding to low per click, because that can affect your CTR. You need a good CTR to maintain a good quality. Throttling your campaign with a daily budget stops showing your ads, so you won’t get impressions and damage your CTR.

4) Don’t set your CPC too low.

You don’t want to throttle your campaign by bidding too low per click, because that can affect your CTR. You need a good CTR to maintain a good quality. You never want to damage your CTR by bidding to low. In fact, if you begin with a high bid, you can achieve a good CTR. After your achieve the high CTR, you can lower your CPC and still maintain a ad good position, saving money in the long run.

5) Don’t hang on to poor performing keyword.

You probably have some keywords and ad groups that are not performing well. The half percent is a good goal for a well performing ad. Any ad group or keyword performing under a half percent with a high number of impressions needs to be altered. The poor performing ads can damage your overall campaign CTR and lower the quality score and position of your other ads. Remove the ad group or keyword. If you decide you simply must have this ad group or keyword, move it to it’s own campaign and start split testing sales copy changes.

6) Evaluate your landing pages as if you were performing SEO.

Your landing page is examined and scored by AdWords just like your website is for inclusion on the Google search engine. Performing SEO on your landing pages will improve your quality score. The Google webmaster tools can provide free information on how Google scores your pages.

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