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22 June, 2014

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I’m so excited on my first day on the training program… I would really love to share what are the things that you will see inside, but I think I have no rights to show it in public. But in the nutshell, Russell Brunson teach the “basics” of internet marketing that most people are avoiding to do online and on this one I’m gonna spill the beans.. = p

Setting up your autoresponder

In my personal experience I don’t really pay too much focus on it because all I wan’t to do and know more about is to actually “make that money online”, What I don’t know is that autoresponder is your 24 / 7 salesman to your list. Let me break it down to you a little bit, let say for example I was able to built an email list and names of people who love watching “UFC” ( Ultimate Fighting Championship ). Yey! I remember my idol GSP, can’t wait to watch your next fight tiger. = p

Well alright lets get back in to the business. So I built a list of 1,000 ufc subscribers who love and passionate about the sport. Since I have their names and email, I can send any offers to them that is completely related about ufc. ( like tickets to ufc events, ufc clothing online stores, etc. )

So here’s the question. Out of those 1,000 subscribers that I sent my email out how many of them will buy from that ufc clothing online store that I redirected them?

Probably 50 in average, if I am lucky it might be 100 or worse case scenario 10 will shop on to that ufc clothing online store, right? Now let say in average they buy an average of $50 in items and I get 5% commission out of that sale, how much did I make?

In 50 buyers that bought $50 that pays me a commission of 5% I made $125. Not that huge right? But the cool part is this, Since I have their names and email list and I know that they love UFC. I can send them emails about UFC offers whenever I want and make some money on it. Sweet! = p

Now your question is “how can I build my list?”

Well, let the proven guru teach that to you for just $1 for 30 days and help you make $100 for the first 30 days or cancel it.

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