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13 October, 2013

dotcomsecrets x review

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I can’t remember when I saw his last ads from one of the paid to click websites that I normally click daily but I think it was like more than a year ago when I saw this guy named Russell Brunson. Based on the ads that I clicked, he was running an internet millionaire challenge that time and there was this couple who won their brand new corvette for winning that internet marketing challenge.

Since I didn’t know anything about Russell and thought that this is just another internet hype scam of course I just close that ads and move to the next ads because that is what most paid to clicker do everyday… Click ads and get paid… lol

But a couple of days ago I saw another ads from Russell Brunson about his new challenge ( dotcomsecrets x ) that his goal is to help 100,000 internet newbies to make their first $100 on the first 30 days, help 10,000 people to quit their job and get a full time income from the internet, help 1,000 people make a 6-digit income yearly and lastly help 100 people become an internet millionaire. Which is awesome!

So is Dotcomsecrets X worth a try for a $1 and see if you will make $100 on your first 30 days?

I think so! Because in my experience it took me 6 months before I earned my first $100 online through paid to click and I spent around $50 before I earned that money. In his offer it only requires me to pay this program a “dollar” to start up my first 30 days challenge to earn that $100 which is for me the fastest way to make money online with just one dollar investment.

He also mentioned on his video about the SLO ( Self Liquidating Offer ) or SFO ( Small Front Offer ) and list building that took me 2 years to completely understand and it took 3 gurus to make me realize that they are the essentials in doing your business online. If this sounds complicated to you let me explain to you quickly how SLO / SFO works and list building as simple as possible. lol

To avoid getting you bored reading my review about dotcomsecret x I made a shord video presentation to explain to you the use of SLO / SFO and list building.

Lastly he will reveal how to get traffic online for free by giving out 20 plus websites that give out quality traffic for your SLO. Heck, I remember buying $5.50 for a screenshot on where to get quality traffic for my paid to click offer and I was able to know these websites but I have to pay them $7-10 a week for me to get my banner ads display on their site! But dotcomsecret x will give this “free advertising websites” for just an entry fee of a dollar.

If Dotcomsecrets x sounds too good too be true, so what’s the catch?

He said in his video that there was one time that one of his guest in his seminar came to him and ask him this question about his old program. “Russell, I really appreciate that you have this program and you almost promise that this program would guarantee success. The problem is I have no money right now to invest to your program but since you said that this would guarantee me success, what if you give this program to me for free and I will just pay you when I make money?”

Honestly this is a fair question and up until now I have no concrete answer for it because what I always give out is my “disclaimer” that there is no guarantee that they will make money by investing in “this” or “that” program. So by giving this program a try for 30 days and see if I will make at least $100 or cancel my membership without any hassle, therefore I will give this program a try.

So the catch is if Russell Brunson can help me earn $100 or more in my first 30 days I will pay him $97 on my second month. If Russel can help me fire my boss for the next 90 days I will pay him another $97 for my 2nd and 3rd month of subscription to his membership site with a “smile on my face”… lol The truth is if he can show me how to make $2,000 – $3,000 a month then I would even hug him. lol Then I will just update you guys about my progress on the next following months.

Lastly, you will see Toni Robbins in the end of the video making some testimonial about Russell. OMG! I’m a Toni Robbins fan and this guy is one of the greatest motivator on the planet. The point is having Toni Robbins making some good testimonial about someone would mean something. So there has to be some quality content that we will learn from Russel for just a small entry fee of $1…

If you wanna join the challenge and be included in the dotcomsecrets x. Kindly click the link below and watch his presentation and as well as the webinar and jump in to the program for just one dollar 30 days trial.

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