Dry Shampoo and Hair Care Alainas

28 July, 2010

Being effective and quick to use, dry shampoo will cope with your unwashed head. Shake dry shampoo and spray it on dry hair from a distance of 40 centimeters. Gently rub shampoo into head skin and apply through hair equally. Wait a few minutes and proceed to washing procedure. To do this, you will need any curry or small towel. Just brush your hair until you feel all pieces of dry shampoo are removed. Dust will be removed together with it. Some feel enough to clean away the remains of dry shampoo with a towel, wiping head as after washing. All depends on your hair length and density. Absorbing excess of fat, dry shampoo has a great effect on skin, purifying it. In addition, such shampoo has fragrant and disinfectant properties.
Dry shampoo is produced in the form of powder, packaged in bottles. Dry shampoo contains absorbent – a substance capable of absorbing other substances in contact. They include excess of fat and all particles that make our hair dirty. Besides, dry shampoo components can also include extracts of oats, corn and rice.

After washing with a dry shampoo hair becomes clean and acquires volume.

Actually, despite dry shampoo attractiveness, one should not substitute a usual procedure of hair washing with it. Dry shampoo is good in an emergency situation, when there is no hot shower – during a hike, travel, trips, or for people on a bed rest. Our ancestors used dry shampoo prototypes. Flour, bran, starch, talc – all this was used to give hair health and freshness. The greatest people crushed violet root and cleaned hair with it. Powder was also included in the list of products, available for hair care. This fact just multiplies dry shampoo benifits. After all, you can trust things tested by time. A latest dry shampoo is means, based on our grandparents’ experiences, along with new technologies and innovations.

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