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6 December, 2013


New Resource
Reveals The Amazing
Secrets Behind The Net’s Most Successful Email Campaigns

Fact: Jupiter Communications reports that email marketing will
become a $7.3 billion business by 2005.

Fact: Over 50% of consumers will be communicating via email by
2001 according to Forrester Research. eMarketer reports that by year-end
2001, there will be 111 million email users.

Fact: Email volume has already eclipsed postal mail.

It’s amazing!

The power of email marketing is truly the “killer
app” of the Internet. If you dropped me anywhere in the world with just a
dial-up connection, I guarantee that within 24 hours I could generate an
immediate cash surge for you.


Just by sending out a simple email.

It’s true. And it doesn’t matter if your business is online or
off. Simply put, once you know the secret of using email marketing – it’s
literally like having the power to create cash on demand. Imagine, anytime you
need more money, you just hit SEND!

Click…Send…Make Money!

Frankly, I didn’t believe it either until I witnessed results
like these from my own email marketing campaigns:

  • $9,188.00 in profits in 72 hours

  • $15,558.81 in less than 3 weeks

  • $15,400.00 in 14 days

No wonder I love email marketing and who wouldn’t when you
consider all these incredible benefits:

    Minutes after sending out your email campaign you can start
    seeing responses and orders.

    Low cost.
    No printing, no postage, no mail house charges. Email is
    nearly free to send out!

    Testing on the go.
    How fast do you want to see results? Instead of
    waiting weeks for responses and test results – you’ll have them in hours.
    Now, you can make smarter decisions sooner.

    Quick to create.
    You could whip out an email in just an hour or two as
    opposed to weeks in the “offline” world.

    High response rates.
    It’s not unusual for email campaigns to get 5%,
    10%, 15%, even 50% response rates. Something that’s almost unheard of in
    direct mail.

But before you go off thinking email marketing is some walk in
the park – there is one big, glaring problem you need to face…

The Truth About Spamming and Opt-in Email

If you’ve been on the Net for anytime, I’m sure you’ve heard
of spam. That’s the name for unsolicited commercial email. Mostly the kind of
“get rich quick” and “send me a dollar” pyramid schemes
that find their way into your inbox. Many short-term minded marketers feel
that since email is practically free they can send out thousands and thousands
of emails hoping for a handful of sales while dealing with the risks involved.
I don’t think that’s a good idea.

You see, there is a big difference between permission email
marketing and spamming. I’m not talking about using software that can harvest
emails addresses from the Web or even those CD-roms with “10 million
email addresses” floating around. The fact is, without getting permission
you are just sending out spam and that will land you in some big trouble. I’ve
seen sites shutdown, ISP’s cancelled and people basically being
“blackballed” from the Internet community. Trust me, it’s not

In fact, there is new legislation pending that will make
spamming illegal. So not only will you have all kinds of angry prospects – but
you could also end up with severe penalties against you.

Why would you want to put yourself through any of that?

There’s no point because getting permission is easy once you
start using the strategies I’ll tell you about in a moment, plus it produces
better results. Now that we got that cleared up…

Do You Know What It Takes
To Write a Winning Email?

If you don’t, you’re not the only one. For most people
drafting an email message that convinces people to part with their hard-earned
money isn’t as simple as it looks. Most people just don’t know where to start,
what to say, when to send it, how to not get accused of spam, how to make sure
their message gets read, how to ask for the order, or any other number of
variables that mean the difference between success and failure.

But, now there’s good news!

There’s a new resource that will help you create your own
successful emails – and it’s called…

“Million Dollar Emails: The Greatest Collection of
Moneymaking Emails Ever!”

“Million Dollar Emails” is a new ebook that contains
some of the most successful and persuasive emails ever written. It’s
jam-packed with real life emails that have been proven to work by the top
Internet Pros and eCommerce leaders.

And, here’s the best part, in many of the examples, you’ll see
the exact numbers and results from their campaigns. Response rates, sales
figures, and other insider information all culled from their private records.
This information has been totally confidential – until now.

Million Dollar

is being sold for
$19.00 on the

with your FreeToSell

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