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27 September, 2014

Egopay.com Review – in replacement for payza

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Due to the recent change in terms of payza regarding HYIP, MLM and any money making programs that are not registered under the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission that they will no longer accomodate any of this unregistered investment program. This shakes the world of people using this payment processor because prior to this change most online money making programs are using payza as a method of payment.

This is where egopay comes in the play. Egopay is a third party payment processor that is associated with payza. This processor acts like a middle man between payza and most online money program of your choice. ( of course some of them only accepts liberty reserve or solid trust pay )

Whilst the issue with payza is somehow resolve through the use of egopay, there are just some pros and cons on using this payment processor in my opinion….

Egopay Pros

It will give people an option to still somewhat use payza as their back end payment processor. To visually elaborate this is how egopay will work between payza and to any online opportunities.

Egopay Cons

You will be bombarded with transaction fees.

Its already given that each time we cash out from any money making sites that there are some transaction fees. But adding egopay on the pay out process will just increase your expense in the long run. Below are the fee rates of egopay on top of the current fees that we are already paying each time we cash out.

For deposit from payza to egopay the fee is 0.59 + 3.9%

And for withdrawal from egopay to payza the fee is 0.00 + 2%

In conclusion if you still prefer to use egopay just to use payza then you just have swallow their fees. But if you would like to get other options might as well just use solid trust pay or liberty reserve to save money.

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