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28 August, 2010

The Benefits Of Energy Efficient LED Lights

Energy bill expenses are on the rise while the economy is taking a steep downward slope. Everyone is making sure to turn off every light in the house before leaving just to save a few extra pennies. Meanwhile, the government is encouraging you to stay green, which in some cases can be expensive. LED lights are the answer to all these problems – they are the cost-efficient, energy-efficient alternative to traditional bulbs.

This bulb type is taking center stage, pushing fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen bulbs to the background. Using this kind of bulb, people can save a substantial amount of money. After the installation of necessary housing and circuit boards, these lights are installed and will last for a minimum of 50,000 hours. Based on some people’s energy usage, this means that no other light bulbs will need to be purchased, quite a change from a traditional bulb that lasts for a couple of months.

On top of reducing the frequency of bulb replacement, monthly energy expenses are lowered when LED lighting is used. This is because less energy is required by this lighting than by traditional halogen and fluorescent bulbs. With the rising costs of energy taken into account, consumers can save some money, with an up to 90 percent reduction in their electric bill.

Along with saving customers what could be a lot of money, this lighting is also good from a sustainability perspective. It uses as much as 90 percent less power than a traditional light bulb. In addition, it is manufactured from materials much safer than hazardous components such as plastics that comprise other kinds of bulbs. Excess heat, which can be harmful to the home and environment, is generated by traditional light bulbs but not by LEDs.

LED lighting systems are just as useful and versatile as any other type of lighting. Anything that may have originally been powered by a halogen or fluorescent light can be replaced with a LED bulb. For example, there are LED strip lights available to place around the base of a room to give it an extra glow. There are also tube lights, which can replace the bright quality that fluorescent tubes give an office.

It becomes clear that there really is nothing stopping anyone from converting to LED lights. People will save money on electrical bills and will not need to replace bulbs as often, if ever. The energy efficiency and safe materials used in construction makes these more environmentally friendly alternatives. It is possible to install them in business and residential areas because they come in different styles.

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