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16 October, 2013

Importance of Financial Planning and Relationships, Combined

Let’s see how Financial Planning and Relationships are closely connected. Talk to your beloved partner about how money is handled in his / her family, if they save or make big expenses. Talk about this and other things intended to know their financial family past and future trends. Honesty is essential for relationships and finances. Nobody wants to receive surprises as debts contracted during courtship (or even before) to be paid during the marriage.

Financial Planning and Engagement: Communication

Financial Planning and Relationships means Honesty. If your partner does not like talking about his / her finances and think that the money granted ‘independence’, it is almost certain that future conflicts could arise for the money. Remember that marriage is a mutual agreement and, as such, should reflect the decisions and / or desires of the two. Talk a lot with your boyfriend or girlfriend about the future from a financial point of view.

Love, Knowledge and Financial Planning

If your partner never talks about financial planning (buying a home, starting a business, saving for retirement), that can mean two things: that has no plan or financial strategy and, therefore, live every day without thinking about the future, or that he / she is very quiet and therefore you never know if both are on the same path.

Engagement and Expenses

These discussions should include topics about how the expenses will be paid in courtship, for example the case of entertainment or rides. Many girlfriends expect he will pay for everything forever. The most important thing, in terms of engagement and money, is to maintain balance and reach agreements that satisfy both.

Love, Money and Finance are Compatible

Many couples assume an engagement driven by the knowledge that their parents have money and they will get some of that money when they marry. This is a very negative premise to start or maintain a courtship. In essence, discuss personal finance is vital in courtship and engagement, since it is one of the main topics of conflict between married couples and may result in divorce if they cannot talk with honesty, openness and trust about the financial past, present and future for both.

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