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24 June, 2010

The Effects of How Having a Pet Can Reduce Stress

Usually methods like yoga, meditation or writing are used when trying to reduce stress. Though these techniques are great, the addition of a new furry friend can have the same benefits of relieving stress and improving health as the more traditional methods. Though human friends are great for social support, having a pet can reduce stress by helping to improve mood, controlling blood pressure and encouraging more exercise.

Many people will usually talk to a family member or friend after a bad day to help improve their mood. However, recent studies have shown that spending time with a pet can be just as effective. This research proves that when doing a stressful task with a dog present, people will actually enjoy the task more and in turn have lower stress levels. Recently, dogs have become popular to boost mood and morale in nursing homes and hospitals due to their ability to bring joy into people’s lives.

With all the drugs prescribed by doctors today to treat high blood pressure, dogs can actually play a vital role when attempting to maintain normal levels in the body. Since stress is a trigger for many symptoms and irregularities associated with healthy living, the unconditional love a dog can provide after a stressful day can have widespread effects. Doctors are even suggesting that patients with high blood pressure think about dog ownership to improve their health.

Dog owners definitely spend more time walking because the dog needs it daily and humans will walk more when they have a companion with them. Using a dog to get more exercise, which increases cardiovascular health, will definitely lead to less stress. Creating a daily schedule for exercise, like a stroll in the park after dinner, will benefit both the dog and owner’s overall health.

Dog ownership will greatly help anyone who is having problems managing their stress. Something as simple as playing fetch with a puppy can bring much joy to the owner. Having a pet will certainly reduce stress and improve overall health of the owner.

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