5 December, 2015

1. Save on Movie Costs

Everybody loves going to the movies. The key to lowering expenses on entertainment is not always eliminating a form of entertainment, but lowering its expense. Movies are a great example of how we can still enjoy something and pay less for it. Taking advantage of a few simple steps can save you hundreds of dollars a year. The following are ways to reduce the expense of movies.

1. Take advantage of matinees.
2. Pick up candy at the convenience store prior to going to the movies and carry it in to the theater in your pocket or purse.
3. By one large drink and ask for an extra cup.
4. Instead of going to the movies rent a video and get some microwave popcorn.
5. Try a dollar movie theater for movies you may have missed when they first came out.

2. Have a Potluck Party

A restaurant outing with friends can cost between $35-$100. Why not invite a few friends or couples over for a potluck dinner party. Each person or couple can be responsible for one dish. I have heard of groups that have these regularly and they rotate each month who will host it at their home. Each month they have a theme like Italian, Mexican, Southern, Seafood, etc. By only having to prepare one dish you will save substantially. Not only will you save money, but also you get to enjoy some of all of the other dishes and a great night with good friends in a casual environment.

3. Utilize Your Public Library

Libraries don’t just have books anymore. Now you can get books on tape, music and even a limited number of movies. If you are currently buying one book a month this could save you between $120-$240 per year.

4. Go To Art Gallery Shows

To get invited to the private parties and special showings simply go to your local art gallery or store and ask to be added to their mailing list for special showings. Not only will you have the ability to meet some interesting and in most case affluent people, but they usually have free food and drinks. This may not be for everyone, but would a little culture hurt you?

5. Another Movie Saving Idea

Get tickets in bulk from the cinema web sites. They are constantly running specials on orders of 10 or more tickets and they typically have no expiration date. If you really want to save some money get a group of friends or family together and buy certificates for 50+ tickets and watch the price really go down. Check out www.loewscineplex.com and www.regalcinemas.com to spot some specials.

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