24 March, 2014


1. Use coupons. This may sound small, but watch the difference in your food costs. The key is to only use coupons on the food you would by anyway.

2. Use On-line coupons. Check out VALPAK OR COUPONS.COM for printable coupons.

3. Cut your own meat. Did you realize that chicken cost approximately $2 per pound less if you buy the whole chicken and cut it yourself.

4. Take advantage of sales. We have a meat department at a local grocery store that offers buy 1 get 2 free on beef, chicken and pork a couple of times a year. We stock our freezer when these sales come around and spend 1/3 of the money we would spend.

5. Brown bag lunch. The average person spends approximately $35 per week on eating out for lunch. If you brown bag it just twice a week that can save you $14 a week or $56 a month.

6. Make twice as much for dinner at home. It is much less expensive to cook one large lasagna, rather than cooking two small ones. Take the extra and freeze it for a future meal. You will save money, but also time since all you will have to do is thaw and heat your next lasagna.

7. Quit buying a coffee or cappuccino every day. I know you need your caffeine, but it is much less expensive to brew a couple of the cups a week at home. If you spend $3 per day on buying coffee that adds up to $1,080 a year.

8. Make a grocery list and stick to it. Those 4-5 extras you buy when you go grocery shopping really add up.

9. Buy in bulk. The smaller the portions you buy the higher the price per ounce. Now I am not telling you to go buy a five-gallon bucket of mayonnaise, just concentrate on the things you know you keep going back to the grocery store to buy. Some things to consider are toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, pet foods, napkins, paper towels, etc..

10. Bake bread. Why pay $1.50 for a loaf of bread when you can make your own for pennies. Find a delicious recipe and start baking.

11. Buy vegetables in season. Buy vegetables when they are in season and can them. They are less expensive and there is something about eating vegetables from Mason Jars like you used to when you would go see Grandma.

12. Buy store-brand or generic-brand products. Store-brand products are usually the exact same product and are even packaged at the same processing plant sometimes.

13. Shop above and below the eye level. The grocery stores place the most expensive products at eye level. For instance if you are buying a can of green beans the most expensive can will be right in front of you. Just below or above this is where the real bargains can be found.

14. Go where the bargains are. Blind loyalty to one supermarket can be expensive.


1. Buy cheap checks. Some banks charge as much as $25 for a box of checks. Did you know you could get that same box for less than $10? If you buy your checks directly from the distributors not only will your checks be less expensive, but you will also have a wider range of choices. Click on CHECKS UNLIMITED to get more details. They have the lowest prices I have been able to find.

2. Get overdraft protection on your checking account. The average bounced check fee is $30. If you did write a check over you’re your available money, the overdraft protection would kick in to cover the check. The amount over is rolled into an account where you will be charged interest like a credit card.

3. Stop using ATM’s so much. If you do not use one of your bank ATM’s you are getting charged between $2-$5 in fees each time.

4. You can save more than $100 a year in fees by selecting a checking account with a low minimum balance requirement that you can, and do, meet.

5. Banking institutions often will drop or lower checking fees if your employer directly deposits paychecks. Direct deposit offers the additional advantages of convenience, security, and immediate access to your money.


1. Lower your phone bill. I found a company that will shop your phone plan with over 100 phone companies and match you with the lowest price for the service you require. Click on SMARTPRICE  to get a free no-obligation evaluation.

2. Close vents. Close vents in rooms you do not usually use.

3. Adjust your thermostat. Lower your thermostat a few degrees in the winter and raise it a few degrees in the summer. You will be amazed at the difference in your bill.

4. Use lower watt bulbs. Instead of buying 100-watt light bulbs buy 60 or 75-watt bulbs. This will lower your power bill.

5. Enrolling in load management programs and off-hour rate programs offered by your electric utility company may save you up to $100 a year in electric costs. Call your local electric utility for information about these cost-saving programs.

6. Get an energy audit. Most power companies offer free energy audits where they come to your residence and make suggestions on ways to lower your power bill.

7. Fix leaky faucets. A leak of one drop of water per second can add up to 2,000 gallons of water per year.

8. Cut out cable extras. This is an area where you can decide how serious you are about saving. Do you really need 10 movie channels? When my wife was not working in order to stay at home with our new child we cut out cable completely and lived on rabbit ears with 5 channels for right at a year. We really did not miss it (except I wanted my Sportscenter).


1. Spend less on prescription drugs. Since brand name drugs are usually much more expensive than their generic equivalents, ask your physician and pharmacist for generic drugs whenever appropriate.

2. Since pharmacies may charge widely different prices for the same medicine, call several.

3. If you have medications that you will be on for a long time use Internet pharmacies to save big. THIS IS THE LOWEST PRICES YOU WILL FIND FOR MEDICATIONS. Get out your last bill from your local pharmacy and check DISCOUNT-CANADA DRUGS out to see the amount of money you will save.

4. Quit smoking. Not only will this one move save you over $1,000 per year, but also you will have less medical expenses going out into the future.

5. Get a quote on your health isurance. Even if you think your health insurance from your employer is low. You may be surprised. I found a place that will get you multiple quotes from different insurers so you can compare. Try Tiger Quote.com.

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