Extreme Couponing On Tlc My Two Cents

25 May, 2017

I just wanted to make a few comments on the show “Extreme Couponing” that aired on TLC last night. I would like to start by saying that this type of couponing is NOT necessary in order to save your family money. You do NOT have to spend hours upon hours searching for deals, writing out lists, and stressing out. While I enjoyed the show, I think it should also be known that these types of deals are just not realistic nor are they very typical. You really need the “perfect storm” in order to pull deals like those people. What would constitiute a perfect storm? Well first you’d need a store that doubled & trippled coupons. EVEN better your store would have to be willing to double coupons up to .99cents. THEN that same exact store would have to allow the overage from your coupons to pay for the rest of your transaction! Then if your lucky to have all those things fall into place then maybe you could wait out until the perfect storm and pull one of the hauls that you see on the show. I wish they would have included the price the people paid for coupons in the final price of the transaction. While it can be helpfull to order your coupons, it can also be expensive and cut into your savings if your buying a truck load of them!

On another note, I just hope this show didn’t scare off any beginners. The process of couponing can be fun and very rewarding while saving your family hundreds of dollars. Just like anything in life I think you seriously need to balance this out with your life and NOT let it consume you. I can’t say that I totally agree with the lady (I do love her though) that went dumpster diving with her son, that is definatly a bit overboard. That child will most likly grow up overspending his money in areas in which he & his family couldn’t spend as a child. I also think with balance you put your family first, household needs second, then coupon. I don’t think you should put couponing first in your life. That’s just me.

One more last point. If you noticed all the people have the SAME EXACT items/brands in their stockpile. I know because I have the same exact stuff in my stockpile to! LOL! What does that mean??? Well I promise you I didn’t go out buying 1,000 rolls of toilet paper at once or 100 deoderants at once either. My point being is that these sales come around OVER & OVER & OVER again. So relax and enjoy the process! If you only have 4 coupons this week for a deal, then that’s fine! Go buy your 4 products for the deal and 9 times out of 10 you’ll get the same coupons in a month or less and 9 times out of 10 you’ll come across the SAME deal in a month as well! Sometimes you will have those “HOT” deals that are worth buying in bulk, but those are few and far between that a deal won’t repeat itself soon. There is only one family that I can see who would honestly benifit from this type of shopping: THE DOUGER FAMILY! 20 kids… that’s alot of mouths to feed! LOL!

So I hope everyone takes these points into consideration. Couponing DOES NOT have to take up all your precious family time, your precious energy, and your storage space (or man cave! LOL!). You can find a healthy balance with this and still have fun and still have an abundance!

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