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1 July, 2017

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ezines to get 1000s of targeted visitors to your site

Ezines can give you very targeted visitors which means
they buy more of your product

If you advertise in the right ezines, you can get fantastic
results. However the results will vary a lot depending on the quality of the
ezine. What you want is an ezine that people actually read. A quality ezine
that delivers valuable content to the reader. And, you want the ezine to be
targeted to the same or similar niche as the people who buy your product.

If you get these two things right, then ezine marketing can
work very well for you.

There are a few tricks, however, that can massively change the
response to your ad.

Simple changes that can give you an 8-12 times increase
in the response to your ezine ad

Here are some things you can do to increase the response:

1. Make sure that the ezine has only 2-3 ads per issue. If it
has dozens of ads, yours will get lost, and is unlikely to be read.

2. If you can, ask the editor to mention your product or
review your product in their newsletter. This will massively increase your
sales because it will not “seem” like an advertisement, and instead
will look like a recommendation. The editor may not be willing to do this, but
if you have a good product, perhaps even giving it for free to the editor to
try, they may be willing to do it.

3. Another way to do this is to offer to write an article for
the ezine, that happens to mention your product. This way you may even be able
to ‘advertise’ in the ezine for free!

4. Make sure you test first with a small number of people. If
the ezine you have selected has 50,000 subscribers, ask if you can send your
ad to 1-2,000 subscribers first, and then if it works send it to the whole
lot. Or even better, try 3 or 4 different ads and send them out to 2,000
subscribers for each ad and track the results. Then use the best performing ad
for the whole group.

5. If you can, get the ad at the top of the ezine, as it is
likely to have a much better response because more people will see it and read

What is the best ezine to advertise in?

You need to make sure that the ezine is good quality and that
people actually read it. A good idea is to read the back issues, and subscribe
to the ezine yourself. Would you read it if it came into your inbox? If not,
forget about it.

You also need information such as the number of subscribers,
whether the ezine accepts articles, what the cost is for advertising. There is
no great free site that I am aware of with this information. You can pay for
the info by getting the Directory
of Ezines.

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