Farm Owners Shouldnt Lose Sleep Over Their Crop Insurance Companies

16 April, 2017

Farmers don’t normally come across as a worrisome kind of people.  They tend to be stoic and unflappable on the outside, even in the worst of circumstances.  However, when it comes to business, farmers have more to worry about than most CEOs of major companies.  Office dwelling people mostly have to concern themselves with what the other people in the office are going to do, and they have the advantage of threatening to fire or punish the problem makers in some way.  But the things that could potentially harm a farmer’s livelihood don’t particularly care about threats.  Could you imagine a man handing a pink slip to a drought, or giving a poor performance review to a lightening strike?

Farming: the foundation of America

Farms are essential to American life.  For many, they go unnoticed… food comes from the grocery store, right?  Yet if farming were to go extinct, so would the people who depend on that food – which is nearly the World’s entire population.  The people who own and operate the farms have that weight on their shoulders, and it’s something that they consider every day while spending countless hours working their fields.

Regular Joes often complain about how the summer’s drought is affecting their lawn or the lake behind their house.  What they don’t have to think about is how that lack of rain can affect their income, or their entire business, for that matter.  Hail might put dings in their car or cause them to call a roof repairman, but it doesn’t mean that they’ve lost hundreds of hours of work in a ten minute storm.  And if Joe over-fertilizes his rose bushes and burns them, his yard is a little less beautiful… but he hasn’t lost his wages for the year. What else do agriculturalists worry about?

Too little rain… too much rain… hail… The stuff falling from the sky is not the only thing that keeps farmers awake at night.  Lightening strikes can damage a wide area of the ground, and potentially cause a fire, wiping out a season’s work in minutes. ”Crop circles” aren’t at all mysterious or entertaining to the people who own the land and the plants that grow there; they, and the people who create them, are simply a nuisance.  Locusts and cicadas don’t come around every year, but when they do, they are absolutely devastating.

Even something like cows or sprayed chemicals drifting in from a neighboring farm can wipe out a significant percentage of plants.

On top of it all, farmers have to deal with the whims of the market.  Price increases and decreases dictate how much profit they will be making in a season, and sometimes the cost of planting was more than what they will make.

Out of their hands, but not their minds

All of these issues are completely out of the control of the people working so hard to bring food to America’s tables.  Each year, farmers ride a roller coaster of good and bad news about the weather, the likelihood of crop destroying insects, and the fluctuation of market prices.  Yet, they keep on planting, year after year, to ensure that everyone in the nation has enough good food to eat.

With so much on their minds, our farmers don’t need one more thing to worry about.  They need crop insurance companies that are there for them, and will come through with as little stress as possible when times are tough.  They need dependable, fair multi peril insurance, so that when crop disasters happen, they know that they will be able to bounce back.  Revenue insurance for farmers is also essential for peace of mind – after all, even if yields are at record highs, if no one is willing to pay for the product, then it was all for naught.

Farmers deserve crop insurance companies that will take care of them

Many federal crop insurance companies neglect the full needs of the agriculturalist.  They focus on only some needs, then fail to help for damages due to weather instances such as hail, or last year’s flooding.  Farmers need a crop insurance company that will cover all of their bases, take care of them in the worst of times, and give them just one less thing to lose sleep over.

About the author:

Anne Thomas is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about finance, culture, family and current events.

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