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4 March, 2011

The Art And Science Of Feng Shui

The harmonizing of positive and negative energy within any given environment is the special purpose of the ancient system of feng shui. It was first developed in China to choose building sites and auspiciously construct buildings. Newer to the West, it has proved popular with landscape and interior designers and non-traditional healers.

The system aims to harmonize surroundings according to properties of the five elements: water, fire, earth, metal and wood. These elements can be balanced through careful juxtaposition and arrangement creating a more positive energy field than just placing objects randomly.

Some juxtapositions can encourage negative energy and need to be circumvented if possible. No-nos include buildings that are much larger or much smaller than the ones beside it or having a home that faces the end of a road. And kind of obstruction in front of the main doorway can also invite disaster. Changing the position of something already built like a wall or a building could be hugely expensive. And although some devoted adherents might just go ahead and pay for it, smaller changes can be made in an effort to deflect bad energy or chi, as it is sometimes called.

Mirrors or other reflective surfaces are used to ward off bad energy. Trees and plants can be employed to mitigate a bad situation. The object is create a positive flow of good and bad energy.

Furnishings and household objects can also be re-positioned to increase positivity within a dwelling. This very old practice has developed its many conventions over thousands of years of research. It is sophisticated but it is also practical. And it can be applied to work as well as home life. Success in business may depend on where your desk is place never with your back to the door or what part of the desk you use to place your personal possessions west or northeast for personal photographs and southwest for communication devices like telephones.

More recently in the West, wellness experts have been adopting these principles and techniques to help people feel well and vital. They use things like wind chimes, plants, essential oils, light and yes, even the re-arrangement of furniture and color therapy for the walls, to restore harmony within the body.

Once a secretive practice performed by trained devotees, the vast knowledge of feng shui is now readily available to anyone who wants to introduce harmony and balance to their lives.

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