Finance and Divorce

18 December, 2014

Finance and Divorce

Are Your Finances Prepared For Divorce?

Life is hard and nothing is more testing and straining
than going through a divorce. A divorce can
indeed be a stressful time without the added pressures
on ones finances. Besides emotional erosion, a divorce
is also known to be a costly event in a person’s life;
however provisions can be made by both parties to ensure
that the financial strain incurred through divorce is
made to be an equally-shared responsibility.

The best way to ensure that your divorce does not put a
strain on your finances is to be realistic. What are the
objectives or goals to be reached financially? People
often are so used to sharing their finances when they are
married that the prospect of divorce leaves them feeling
confused as to what they own as an individual.

Initially couples have to embrace the fact that they are
individuals and so are their finances. They are individual
finances. By calculating what each person is worth or has
contributed to the relationship often helps solve the

The thing to do is to get help from a
professional finance advisor who can aid you in this. By
doing this, you are being realistic about the
financial implications of a divorce. Lawyer fees can be
more expensive than expected if the divorce drags out
endlessly because as a couple you cannot reach an
agreement. If you don’t want to do this for your partner
as a gesture of decency, then at least do it for your own
financial future.

The tragic thing about this whole ordeal is that couples
are often so bitter that they cannot see through their own
disappointment. Instead they opt for a full on
war with each other and forget what this war costs
them in terms of personal finance. Maybe people should
learn to more realistic: once it is over it is over.
Pack your bags and move on; save yourself from the
bills that will come on after, leaving you in a financial
mess that might take too long to sort out.

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