Finance Your Car with Poor Credit

3 September, 2015

Finance Your Car With Poor Credit

Cars don’t look at your credit before they decide to breakdown.
Anyone, with poor credit or great credit, could find themselves
in a situation where they need an auto loan. Fortunately, those
with poor credit do have options available for financing their

“Bad Credit Car Loans”

One of the most common methods of purchasing a car with poor
credit is with a “bad credit car loan”. You can acquire these
loans through auto dealerships, online lenders, and high risk
lenders. Typically these loans are available for anyone with a
credit score below 600. People can find themselves in this
situation after a divorce, after bankruptcy, if they have little
credit, or if they have made poor financial decisions. The “bad
credit car loans” are designed to protect the lender. They have
higher interest rates than conventional auto loans. However, it
is in your best interest to shop around for a bad credit car loan

Risks of Shopping around

There is a risk of shopping around for an auto loan. Submitting
loan applications to several different companies will lower your
credit score even more. It is in your best interest to find an
organization that will find various Bad credit car loans for
you, but only check your credit report one time.

Home Equity Loan

Another way to get auto financing with poor credit is with a
home equity loan. The interest rate on a home equity loan is
usually lower than the interest rate on a “bad credit car loan”.
Another advantage is that the interest is tax deductible on a
home equity loan. The one obvious disadvantage to this type of
financing is that you are using your home as collateral. If you
are not able to pay your loan, then you put your home in

Do not lose hope if you have poor credit. There are still
options available to finance your car. Bad credit car loans, and
home equity loans can help you achieve your goal of purchasing a
new vehicle.

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