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22 April, 2017

As the fireworks lit up the sky, I overheard some friends stating how they enjoyed feeling the loud explosions. They went on to wonder what it must be like in war. How loud bombs going off must be. Feeling the explosions throughout your being.

It is a remarkable thought and really makes me appreciate the sacrifice that was made for our freedom. I can’t imagine being on the front lines of battle when our Independence was won. Marching straight into rounds of musket fire as the cannons are exploding all around you.

Marching one step at a time knowing that it could be the last step they ever take, but pressing on for the greater good of our Nation. For the greater good of future generations. Creating a legacy of freedom for their children and grandchildren. It is a humbling thought and one that I will never take for granted.

Inevitably, I was involved with a conversation about money and I had been explaining goals that me and my wife have and how much I was looking forward to my financial independence.

That is a life without debt, a cash savings of 3-6 months worth of expenses in the bank for emergencies, retirement on track and taken care of and the house completely paid off.

While this greatly pales in comparison to the sacrifices made for our National Independence in 1776, what kind of legacy and financial freedom can I pass down to my children and their children by making some small sacrifices in my life right now.

Imagine what you could do in your life with no financial cares.

Imagine what we as the people of the United States of America could do for each other if we weren’t focused on being able to pay the rent. If we had a surplus and could see other’s financial needs because we didn’t have any of our own to occupy our time and efforts.

Let’s continue to fight for our freedom in this small but life altering way.

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My name is Tim Parady and I am 36 years old. I was born in Connecticut, raised in Virginia, had a brief layover in Kansas which led me to Texas where I met my wife and best friend. We just celebrated 145years of marriage.
I have the best job in the world, which is to improve peoples lives. I teach people how to win in all areas of there money, which affects all areas of their lives.
78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, with no money in the bank and little knowledge of how to invest for their retirement. You can have a different future. You can win with money and I can show you how.
I am an independent Dave Ramsey Financial Coach,and Insurance Agent at Alkali Insurance and I am here to serve you. My goal is to provide knowledge and tools to change your life. To schedule an appointment to address your financial needs and goals, email me at tim_parady@yahoo.com

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