Five Tips On How to Find a Good Accomodation in St Pancras

22 December, 2016

If you are looking for a Kings Cross hotel, then you will probably be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of choice. So how do you pick the right hotel? You can look at the location or reviews – two of many ways to pick. These five pointers should help you along.

Firstly, pricing which largely influences availability in Kings Cross and London. When big events are on, hotels are normally crammed with tourists looking for overnight accomodation. Hotels always put their prices up with increased demand. On the other side though, cheaper rooms can be found off-peak.

Once you have a clear idea of pricing and availability, you can compare the hotels that tick the box. Assuming the hotel has one, log onto its website to check their ammenities. This then will allow you to directly compare your shortlist of hotels against one another. Also remember, some facilities are more worth having than others. As an example, I know I’d rather have a trouser press than a TV. A garden for the minority would be less preferable to say a bar. At the end of the day, all this comes down to personal preference.

I personally find good staff make a hotel. Thus, giving the hotel reception a call can help. While you are on the phone, you can learn about the facilities, and the staff. Polite, happy staff will make a stay a most enjoyable one.

Location is key to any hotel. What’s the point of staying in a hotel otherwise? Try and find a hotel near to the tube, as this will make things so much easier. You can find out what else is about (clubs etc) by using Google Maps. Although if you don’t mind a taxi, don’t swear. Traveling via taxi in the evening is also a good idea for safety.

Reviews are what makes a hotel. Google should find you a sea of hotel review websites. Though they may be moderated, some hotels may have their own online guestbook. Friends can also give you an idea of what is good and what isn’t. Although always take word of mouth with a pinch of salt. Bear in mind that some people can be way too picky, and others far too easily pleased.

If you are trying to locate examples of a top class Kings Cross Hotel, try The Wardonia. Details of room facilities can be located on Kings Cross Hotels here.

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