Five Tips to Help You Keep Your Job in Todays Economy

27 May, 2017

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The financial crisis has left many jobless people in its wake as everyday we hear of job cuts in US and Europe. Even Malaysia has not been spared this chilling brutality with the Government already announcing that approximately 100,000 workers will lose their jobs by April (source)! It is indeed a scary thought especially since many of the younger working force have never lived through an economic crisis or seen wide-scale retrenchments before.

So, in these challenging times, how best can you protect your job to avoid becoming a statistic? Here are 5 tips on how best you can keep your job in an ailing economy.

Create Visibility For Yourself

Do not be afraid to take up new projects or new tasks at hand. The Chinese say that in every crisis lies an opportunity and hence, create that opportunity and visibility for yourself by stepping up to volunteer for ad-hoc projects or work.  However, do use your visibility carefully as a wrong move or mistake can also be visible…negatively!

Read more tips below and safe-guard your job!

Be Nice To Your Boss

Now is not the time to get involved in office politics. Avoid gossip and stepping on the wrong toes in the office. Instead be nice to your boss as they will be the ones who will likely fight for you in the event of any job cuts. A strong recommendation from them will also help you in looking for another job.

Add Value To The Company

Now, more than ever, is important to ensure your work adds value to your organisation. It is always easier for management to justify a role which is value-adding instead of slashing it. So be proactive and look for ways to make your job add value to the company.

Keep Learning

Continue to upgrade your own knowledge to ensure you are kept abreast of latest developments. Take this opportunity to also hone your skills in other areas of expertise as a highly skilled employee is always harder to let go.

Focus on Your Work

We’re all guilty of office gossip, personal calls and nipping the occasional office stationery during work hours. Learn to prioritize and focus on your work and not give management any excuse to dismiss you for wrongful behaviour. Keep those gossips and personal calls for lunch hours!

The world is going through economically trying times and with retrenchment and cost-cutting being high on many companies’ lists, do try to keep your job in this recession. Every cent earned is better than having no stable income! 

 On a light-hearted note, here is what you can do if you do not want your job!

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